Saturday, March 28, 2009



My dick, oh man!!
I was feeling it. The rush in my balls tightened,
the pre cum got to flow heavier. I began to pump him harder, now my hands out of his pants, but not leaving his dick, jerked him fast, quick, yet with emotion, I can hear him breathing faster, his hands tightened, same time my balls seems ready to blow. Oh man, I was coming and so was he, for my hands never stopped pumping him, "FUCK! FUCK" he whispered, '"I'm FUCKIN , CUMING" feeling the heat , the sweat running down my spinal area, the fire within me , the smell of his cologne, the mere movement of our bodies, the trembling of his hard dick beneath my hands, the tightening of my balls, pre cum dripping, soaking up our briefs, the sensation , oh whats a feeling, yes it was hot but the eyes, the light, they were upon us, with a painful, yet lustful cry, I forcefully pulled away. I had to stop him before it was too late. so as I pulled away, I turned around for the first time and there we finally and truly saw the other face to face, for the very first time.

He was thick, dark, hair cut short, handsome, very muscular, he was staring at me with the most wanting , surprised and bewildered expression. It was like he had just awaken from a wet dream, that really was happening. We just stared, our breathing was loud we were both panting, I Couldn't believe what happened. We walked towards the other, yet eyes were still watching with smiling expression over their faces, as they bump and grind to the hot tempo into a night of their own.

As I stood before him, I smiled the most exhilarating Smile ever, and he returned the most sexy smile ever. With my heart racing, staring into his dreamy eyes, I said hello, as he lean over and whispered, with the sexiest of accents, into my ears, "I WANT TO SEE MORE OF YOU!"

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