Saturday, July 20, 2013

I am a bbc  lover and when I say I am a bbc cock lover, I mean it. Love the way it looks the way it smells and the way it feels hitting the back of my throat. I remember my first black cock at age 21. My college room-mate and me were playing video games and we got tired and we both just fell asleep. I went to the bathroom to pee while Frank napped. I always loved the way my friends body looked he was 6’3 weighted about 23lbs,  masculine black stud. I always fantasized about sucking his cock... I'd seen it once. he was he was taking a shower so I thought I would try to take a peek so I slipped in and I pulled back the curtains and yelled surprise, but I was the one to get the surprised he turned around and busted me in the jaw cause I scared the "Fuck" out of him a year ago. But what happened this night surprised the hell out of me again. 

When I came out of the bathroom and back into my room my friend was lying on my bed his legs wide open his eyes closed moaning so when I looked at his dick it was standing straight up. So I took this chance and I went over to the bed and called out his name (Jessie) but he did not say anything so I thought he was asleep. So I easily pulled down his silky boxers and reviled an 8.5’ dick the head felt like velvet and it looked so slick his balls were hairless. I looked at his face again but his eyes were still closed so I started messaging his balls and he started to move so I stopped. When he stopped moving I got really close to his dick with my mouth and all of a sudden I felt a hand on the back of my head and before I could even turn around I had his cock in my mouth it tasted so good that I begin to suck him and he started moaning so I knew I was doing it good enough and I started deep throating him and he said he was going to cum and I started swallowing his dick. All of a sudden something wet, thick, gooey hit me throat and I knew what it was it was salty man juice. I started swallowing every bit but some of it licked out of my mouth and he pulled me up and started licking it off of my lips and he said what took you so long I was wondering when you were going to suck my dick. I thought that was the end of it but it wasn’t..

Frank used the pre-cum off of his dick and lubricated it up and then he took the rest of it a smeared it in my ass hole I knew what was coming next and I wanted it more than everything else and then I felt it the helmet of his big dick begging to come in my ass and I pushed back and made it stick in my hole as deep as I've ever felt. I loved him right away, there is no other for me. We both moaned at the same time and he started out slowly push his big man cock in and out of my ass I told him, Fuck me, Daddy... Fuck good with that Big Fat Cock, Mmmm yesss!!!! Fuck me as hard as he can Daddy! He started fucking me like a Beast. Pulling it almost all of the way and then slamming it back in making his sweaty balls hit it mine. Then he started gruntting. Sexy sexy fucking hot. I'm getting my life. I'm jacking off and ready to cum myself. I yelled out... Feed me Daddy. I want you to own this... I give myself to you to do as you please... I could feel his dick growing deeper inside me and my ass was now very noisy from all his precum. The walls of my ass was so warm then he pulled out and I turned over and finished jacking off and came in his face and all over out bodies and we laid there licking each others cum off of one another then we feel asleep and woke up and with our 3rd house-mate smiling at us!!!!!!!!!!!


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Got a personal story?
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