Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I dream about being with many men like about 10 of different races, diff size cocks, all of which i would like to taste as they take turns cumming in my mouth, on my face and feel their hot cum squirt all over my naked body.
Never-been fucked in the ass, but I want a brother behind me banging my ass loose, a guy in front of me with his dick deep in my mouth and a big dick in each of my hands and the rest of the dicks just rubbing any place on my body..

So basically i want to have an orgy with about 20 guys, or just be with one guy, and take turns making them orgasm several times each and feel and taste the cock juice after i lick every one of them balls then suck,fuck,suck,stroke-stroke,and suck the cum from out their full balls! Making their dicks, squirt out that sticky sweet dick juice, that's it!
I then go into the next room filled with 20 naked women and eat their pussy's in prep for fucking all 20 guys in the next room.
They each pick a female and let her suck them off so they all cum inside the women's pussy's, mouths, then I go to the women to lick, suck them clean of all semen!

By BJCuck4Life


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