Monday, October 7, 2013


This year I didn't make any b-day plans as work kept me after hours. I came home from the office to a dark house. When I went in, I heard music playing and there were scented candles lighting the way to our bedroom. In there, I found a note telling me to strip and take a hot shower, remember to use an enema. I knew just what that meant. Whenever my wife wants to fuck me with her strap-on. Today was kind of stressful an I fully needed a good release. I did as the note instructed.

When I was done I found another note telling me to go into the bedroom and assume the position. I grinned as I knew what that would mean. First, my wife wanted me to suck on her dildo. We'd gotten a large one, with a harness so that my wife could fuck me like I did her. I did as instructed and closed my eyes. Soon I felt something brush my lips. I opened my mouth and it entered. But I was surprised when my lips closed on what could only be a real cock!

"Keep them closed." My wife whispered in my ear. "Otherwise the party's over." I kept my eyes closed as I started sucking on the huge cock in my mouth. I'd been able to deep throat since about my college days. This one was bigger than I'd gotten used to and I was eager to have this in my ass. I finally felt the cock in my mouth swell and shoot its creamy load down my throat, something I'd been missing since I'd gotten married.
My wife gently rubbed my back and whispered in my ear. "You've done well, my loving cumslut. Now, lay back and prepare yourself." I laid back and spread my ass for whoever had just filled my mouth with their cum. I felt the warmth of a well greased finger in my ass which was quickly joined by a second. The person was spreading their fingers as they worked on my ass.

Then the fingers were gone and I felt the huge head of the cock pressing against me. I relaxed and it entered me, making me shoot cum on my belly. I felt my wife's tongue licking it all up as the cock in me pushed it's way in. Soon I felt his balls against my ass.
"Just as tight as I remembered." I heard a deep, very masculine voice say. "I've missed this." I opened my eyes and saw my wife standing next to Sean. This was my only black guy who'd fucked me from college, Sean!

"Happy Birthday, Babe." My Wife said. straddling her pussy over my mouth. Soon Sean was thrusting into me while my tongue explored every bit of my loving wife's sweet pussy. When we all came together, it was the most incredible experience I'd ever had.

We never repeated that night, making it all the more special. Whenever my wife has to travel for business, Sean gives me a good deep fucking. My wife always knows when I've been with him, as I'm more loving and gentle, giving her multiple orgasms before finally fucking her. Which is why we've had so many children. Surprisingly, Sean has never touched my wife. When I asked him about it, he told me that I was the only white ass he wanted his dick in. My birthday's coming up again. I wonder what this year will bring?

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