Wednesday, June 11, 2014

BLACK DADDY grab his cock and start to jerk it. he gets up and lays flat down. "lay on me with your face at my big size 13 feet." i obey and he yells "take my socks off now using your teeth." i do and he shoves the 1 in my mouth and tells he to suck and chew on it. he takes the sock out and says " now suck my dirty fucking black feet, Boy." his cock and my cock were touching each other and i stared to hump his black dick while sucking every last bit of sweat off his huge feet. i felt as if he owned me now and i couldn't resist him. after 10 min of my licking his feet he tells me to go back to sucking his fucking black cock. i do so and he face fucks me again. he quickly throws me down face down on the bed and shoves his black dick up my ass and i swear it was up to my brain.
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hump day photo: Hump Day (Large Animated Bodyshot) mz_4245123_bodyshot_300x400-13.gif

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