Wednesday, June 25, 2014

VIEWER STORIES - I woke up to this hairy fucker milking my dick for a second load...

We continued to kiss and caress each others bodies. Riccardo whispered in my ear, Fuck me!!! Stiff dick in hand, I turned him over and told him to get on all fours and spread... He did just what I asked! I lubed Riccardo up, put the head of my dick in his pretty, tight, hairy pink man pussy.

He jerked and said, Owww man that shit hurt man. I told him to relax and take this dick! He got in the groove and started jerking his own dick, while letting me fuck that hairy ass long & deep. He grunted, moaned.. Louder and louder. I could feel him opening up, almost like his ass was giving me head. The way his asshole gripped around my dick was intense. Riccardo said fuck me with that big dick, Fuck me he demanded! Fucking him mercilessly for over an hour...(READ MORE)


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