Saturday, April 14, 2018



 Last night was a memory to file away. Tonight I went to the N.Y. Video store parking lot, not far from the Love Shak, where there seemed to be about half a dozen cars, half had drivers just sitting waiting for someone to approach with a sexual offer. I saw a black Dodge pick-up and approached it as the driver a Mexican man lowered his window and said, “Hey brotha, how ya’ doin’?” “Good, how about you?” I replied. He said, “I’d be better if I could get a blow-job.” I said, “Do you like dark meat?” He smiled and unlocked his door. I got in. “I have a room at a motel near, you OK goin’ there?” “Sure.” He drove onto I-20 and we landed at a hotel in short order. He parked and we got out and walked to his room. He was on the top floor of this five-story motel. As we passed rooms I could hear moans of pleasure from different rooms as we passed. He found his room opened it and we walked in and he locked the door and put on the latch to keep anyone from coming in. He turned to me and we grabbed each other and began to kiss and massage each other’s bodies with our hands as we deep-kissed an exchanged saliva in a very passionate way. We broke free long enough to talk. “I’m Marco”, he said. “I’m Ed”, I replied. Marco spoke, “Let’s get undressed and get in bed.” We got undressed and Marco turned the lights off and heat on in the room before we got into bed. We began to deep tongue and swap copious amounts of saliva. I began to pinch his nipples and then I lowered my head to suck his hardening nips. He was moaning with pleasure so I focused my lust on him and began to suck his nips and chew them gently. Toggle screen reader support I worked my way down to his cock which was uncut and easily a 8 or 9 inches drooling pre-cum dripping cock. He slid down in the bed as I got between his legs and starting sucking his nectar out of his delicious cock one drop at a time. He was enjoying everything I did and I continued to suck him slowly but surely. I now focused my attention on pleasing my Mexican lover Marco. “Very nice, head you give baby.” he said. “Thank You Daddy, just relax and let me suck you till you come?” “OK, cool.”, he replied So I proceeded to massage his penis with my mouth and hands squeezing and sucking like I could never get enough of this man’s juices and cock.

While I was busy Marco found some poppers and took a whiff and passed the bottle to me. I took a deep swallow of the bottle with my mouth and felt the effects immediately it made my own cock stiffen and ooze pre-cum. He held on to the bottle and took little whiffs while I bathed his cock with copious amounts of my saliva. After about an hour and a half Marco said, “What time do you need to be home baby?” I said, “When I get there.” “Great, let’s take a break and try some of these party favors I brought besides the poppers.” He said. Next to the bed on the table by the bed was a little bottle with what appeared to be coke, next to it was several nice sized joints of pot. He took a small coke spoon and took several hits into his nose. I took my coke directly on my mouth. He lit a joint and we smoked it and massage each other’s penises with our hands. My pre-cum was making his hands slimly so he took his hand and proceeded to lick my cum from his hand. I moved down onto his cock, he moved himself to be in 69 with me. We were sucking cock with party favor induced gusto. We were beginning to ride the 69 train to the end of the line. He said, “I want to cum with you Baby.” I did not respond but continued to suck his nectar savoring every drop now which increased as I sucked. He had a similar grip on my cock and made it swell to its full 7.5 inches and it was drooling lots of pre-cum now as well. I slowed my pace Marco felt that and slowed his pace. We were going to suck the juice’s from each other’s cocks but at a pace that made us both writhe in deep ecstatic passion for this 69 train was bound for sexual glory. I sucked and licked slowly like he was my favorite mocha ice cream cone. He sucked and licked me like I was his favorite chocolate ice-cream cone. “I want your cum Baby!” Marco said. I relaxed and he and I were going to suck each other and fill each other’s stomachs with hot sweet and sour cream now for sure. I could feel his cum as it rose in his penis to my mouth and lips, I began to squirt my cum in his mouth on his throat and down his gullet at that same moment. We sucked and squeezed each other’s cocks the orgasmic spasms from him made me spasm as well. Chocolate and mocha cream heaven! I passed out with his wonderfully delicious cock in my mouth and my chocolate tube steak in his mouth.

By blkdad69lvr

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Mco ASK?


Best Weekend Quote:
Never Do The Same Mistake Twice.

Unless he's Hot.

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Checkout this cool video clip, "BIGGER FISH IN THE SEA" 

Saturday, February 17, 2018


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