Thursday, March 19, 2009


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Game day was finally over 11 pm. I'm walking with the happy thought of me taking a nice rest after a long tiring day. I reached the metro and sat there by myself people watching. There were plenty of people at that time just leaving the stadium.

The train arrives. At the next stop, a man made it through the closing doors just in time. He sat across from me. I couldn't help but to stare at him. He was probably 6'1", 250lbs, in his late twenties. He was wearing black track pants which showed his big thighs guarding the place where the thing I fantasied the most rested there waiting for some action. He had a fitted tee shirt, big chest that bulged. I start to get very hard by the sight of this hot bro.

He noticed me checking him out. Suddenly, he said with a very deep voice: "It's, humid as fuck outside, huh?" I replied "No doubt..", and looked at him giving me a smile. He then said: "I just bought a new king size bed, want to test it out with me?" I replied: "just call me your shadow, I'll follow you anywhere!" He was like cool, and stood. He leaned towards my ear and said whispering: "I am gonna get off at the next stop.

If you wanna, I can show you what's under these clothes." My cock got so hard that it actually ached underneath my slacks. I was about to move my hands to feel his... we stopped and the door opened. He went off first then turned around and said: "Are you coming or what?" I ran outside and he instantly grabbed my hand and we walked to his place. Years must have passed before we reached an old building where he lived in the fourth floor. He opened his door and with a beautiful smile he said: "Please, make yourself home."Going to his bedroom, I followed.

He took over his jacket, shirt boots and socks and just threw himself into the bed. Damn, that guy must have broken into my dreams and fantasies. I took of my shirt, my shoes and my socks and joined him in the bed. He, pushed his tongue inside my head and began licking my lips back. I went for his neck, I rubbed his chest and belly with his T-shirt still on and I bit his nipples through the fabric. He began to remove his jeans his dick bulged even when he wasn't hard, his balls were as big as they looked in his jeans.

I began licking his chest with my tongue tasting sweat and cologne. I took his nipples with my mouth while my hands were rubbing against his sports briefs. He began to moan and moan, he rubbed my hair and forced me down on his dick when began licking from the outside. His moaning and he yelled out loud: " Suck it.. suck it.." I slobbed his briefs and torn it apart and I opened my mouth wide enough to suck his ever ending thick dick.

He was the thickest I ever had. I began sucking every single inch of it, "Yeah... Suck it hard.. suck it very hard.. oh yeah...... oh yeah..." That only caused me to suck it like it was no tomorrow and he had his hands rubbing my hair and asking for more.. About a three minutes later, his groaning became louder and louder and he shook his entire body and, then, without noticed, his cock erupted... He moaned now with more pleasure as I collapsed right next to him for air... I think I'm in Luv!

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  1. you've got the sexist pictures. this one of the back of the thick sexy man makes my knees weak! thanks!