Thursday, March 19, 2009


Nii had only been in the bar for 20 minutes before he walked back out with a cute guy. The guys name didn't matter because Nii was only going to call him bitch this evening. He was a visitor from New York who had hopes of getting to hook up with a big black brutha but this was not what he expected. He had been seduced by a forceful brutha called Nii.

Nii is a big black bull with thick muscles everywhere. He was rough and liked to be on top. He liked younger guys, slender guys and didn't care what ethnicity. He liked the looks of this guy he'd picked up. This bitches hair was dark brown like his eyes. Nii took the guy up to his nearby apartment and took him straight to the back room where Nii pushed the bitch onto the bed and told him to strip.

The surprised guy removed his shirt, button by button, exposing a smooth chest. Then the guy stood up, to untie his shoes, bending over. Nii's attention focused on the bitches ass. It was a small, round, sweet butt. The guy took off his shoes and then pulled his pants down, revealing more of his butt and its juiciness.

Nii couldn't resist himself anymore, he hurried over to the guy and threw him onto the floor, literally ripping off his boxers. Nii grabbed at the small butt, feeling it and spreading the cheeks. When he did this, he liked what he saw, a tight butt-hole.

Nii took off his clothes in a flash. Soon, he pulled the bitch over and told him to grease up his equipment. The guy was given some Vaseline and put his hands into the lap of Nii. Nii watched as the bitch picked up his big heavy dick and began to oil it up from top to bottom. The guy was amazed by this dick. It was long and very thick, it was uncut. His balls were also big and hung low, he had never seen such a well hung man before.

Once satisfied, Nii grabbed the guy by the shoulders and pushed him onto the ground, he grabbed the Vaseline and slapped some onto the bitches buttocks. He loved the sight of a shiny ass. Once it was totally lubed, Nii put the bitch in position and began sliding that dick inside him. The bitch immediately yelled out, Ohhh.. Nii slapped him. Nii put in his foot long dick until it was all the way in and throbbing. The bitch was tight - just the way Nii liked it. Nii began to thrust and fuck hard. The bitch was now yelling with every push. The bitch then became speechless as Nii rapidly banged him. The bitch started cumming and actually tightened up even more which felt do damn good. Finally, after nearly one hour and 30 minutes of nonstop banging, Nii came inside of the bitch and released him. As Nii left the room, he slapped him on the gaping ass "bitch" he said before leaving the room.

The guy tried to get up as Nii came back in and told him to stay the night. Nii put him in bed and kept him there. Over the course of the night, Nii got the bitch to suck his dick twice and sucked off the bitch once, making the bitch sleep with his head facing the dick. The next morning, Nii woke the bitch up and took him for a shower where Nii gave him a quick fuck and then the bitch left, limping.

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