Monday, April 6, 2009



It's not the norm for me
But he was so hot

I lubed my asshole
Glen wasn't known for soft strokes
He has a big huge dick

That's one reason I was giving up my

Virgin prize

He was 'Cornbread Fed' and so hot

Greased and ready

I laid on the bed with my hole to the wind

I'd sucked and choked on his tree trunk

And now this hot Brutha was going

to sperm my guts inside out

With those hefty swinging nuts over my ass

I gagged as he gripped my hips

Entering me with a force

This Brutha was a mean fucking

with a mighty grunt

He shoved all that meat in me

I hollered "Don't hurt me Bruh!"

He was focused on fucking

I was grunting I was hollering

Glen tore my ass to shreds

With his hands slapping my ass wildly

My tits sore and aching from him biting them

He didn't give a dam about that

He just dug in my guts banging my prostate like a drum

I pleaded, you know I'm a virgin

He just continue to ram it in me faster

With deep thrusting

Glen shot his nut inside me

I felt his man milk leaking out my ass when I

Started cumming feeling like I belonged to him now

My ass and dick throbbing, But to my surprise

Glen's dick is hard again and ready to make a permanent home

inside my ass!

-Confessions of an Ex-Top

Back behind the prison walls

there's a buffet of frustrated beef. Beef 
so needy like you've never seen ready for lips 
that are wet. It's an unlimited supply of big pipe. 
Just bring a needy deep throat. They're slabs of
thick juicy meat that dangle out from where they
lay pushed behind jump suits in a suffocating
tangle of hair and sweat, fumes of hot crotch
filling my nose. That scent would make me drop
to my knees...


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