Thursday, June 4, 2009


Standing in line at the Unemployment office was a nightmare for Carlos who never envisioned himself being here. He had been fired for being caught smoking marijuana on his break.

Ironically, it had been his first time trying the stuff but nobody would believe that. He had looked for a job for three weeks and now had just lost his apartment. He was staying at a motel and was running low on cash. He had worked as a day laborer for a few days but found it difficult to get work.

As the line moved forward, he stepped on something. Looking down, it was a newspaper, he leaned down and picked it up and flipped to the classifieds. He found a job titled: "Handyman Needed - No Experience Necessary" It didn't list the pay but he didn't care right now. Anything over minimum wage would support his for now. He walked over to the payphone and called the number. A man answered the phone, they talked briefly before the man invited him to an interview in a few hours at the address given. Carlos agreed and hurried back to the motel to prepare.

He took a shower and then put on a button up shirt and black pants and shoes. A while later, he set out across town to the house.

A few minutes early, he walked up to the enormous house and knocked on the door. A man answered the door and invited him in. Carlos was shown into the living room which had high ceilings and bay windows.

The man sat down in front of him. He had olive eyes, had tanned skin and brown hair. He asked Carlos a few general questions which Carlos answered truthfully, even the reason for being fired. The man told Carlos that the benefits included room and board to which Carlos was thrilled. The man then asked Carlos different kinds of questions.

"Very good, and how old did you say you were?"
"Twenty Two"
"Ah yes, of course, and why did you not go to college?"
"I had an opportunity to go strait into work"
"So, where did your family come from?"
"Santos Domingo"
"So, do you go to the gym often?"
"Yes, I guess so, almost every day"
"So health is important to you?"
"Okay, do you have a girlfriend?"
"No, not for a while"
"I see"

Then, Stephen leaned forward and told Carlos that he had found the perfect job and that he'd passed the interview before it had started. Carlos was confused and asked for clarification.

"This is no ordinary Handy Man job, your job here is to simply pleasure me. I attract young, strong men with that ad and you are perfect."

Carlos reacted with disgust until Stephen began to explain the benefits. Carlos would have free room and board, come with Stephen on all his vacations and not have to do anything most days. in addition, he would be payed generously.

"How much?" inquired Carlos.
"Two thousand a week"

Carlo's jaw dropped. He knew that now, the once sworn-strait young man was Stephens.

Carlos agreed and Stephen told him that he wanted to examine him closely. Stephen told him to strip to boxers. Carlos did so and Stephen began to feel down Carlo's hot body. From his broad shoulders, down his strong chest and abs, to his waist and firm, round butt and finally, his crotch.

Stephen pulled down the shorts of Carlos and looked closely at the long, dark-brown penis and it's accompanying balls. He felt it and then he told Carlos that he would suck it. Before Carlos had time to respond, Stephen was already sampling the tasty treat. Carlos tasted so good and as his dick hardened, Stephen began to suck harder and faster. Carlos could not believe how good it felt and began to moan quietly. Then, Carlos came into Stephens thirsty mouth.

Stephen got up, kissed Carlos, and tucked a wad of twenty dollar bills into the boxers of Carlos's boxers and left the room. Carlos counted out $200 and sat there thinking about the fact that was the best blow job & easiest job interview ever. Carlos is so looking forward to his next assignment!

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