Thursday, July 2, 2009


They were not allowed to have sex with a girl, it was some sort of religious thing, but for some reason they could play around with each other and fucking foreigners was also supposed to be acceptable.

So Chris had become the fucked foreigner for the remainder of his two holiday weeks and deep in lust he had paid through his ass for the privilege of having his ass serviced so often and so hard and so well and so hard and hard and so on.

Chris was in love lust, fuck lust over the rainbow lust. Chris promising fervently, ardently he would send for them just as soon as he got back and just as soon as the blue sky of Maryland dawned so did the fact that he would not, could not send for his holiday lovers it was, it was…. Well to be truly honest it was stupid, so Chris had confessed to his envious mates of his sex lusty vacation and then set to, to work off the credit card bill that reminded him there was no fool like a thirty-five year old ass,

even if it did tingle sometimes with the
memory of some of those holiday fucks.

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  1. Dam, I want to be a part of any of these scenes... So hot!

  2. Chris is lucky to be used by those manly studs.
    I also like the man fucking the blond. Hope he also used the blond's mouth