Friday, September 4, 2009



I can still feel my body shivering, still smell cum and still wish everything that happened yesterday was only a dream a wet dream for that matter. A dream coming right out from one of those books or maybe from one of my deepest darkest desires and fantasies.

Its been a while since that episode in Brickstone, London and I figured that was it. A simple experience I needed to have. Another physical or flesh pleasure that I had to try.

Yet I can still hear Toks heart beating in harmony with mine, still feel his breath down my neck, his chest pressing against mine. And, at this moment I can still remember his musk, the smell of his sweat which, with mine, was lubricating our bodies and making our contacts smooth.

He was almost 44 back then but now, 5 years went by and I figured my lust for other men was just over. I was supposed to forget everything and continue with my life. I was supposed to forget his tongue roaming my mouth, his lips on my neck, his hands around my waste, his dick between my legs I was to forget the taste of his nipples, the feel of his dick, the warmth of him inside me.

Those thoughts alone compel me to touch my self right now all over again and again. My mouth hungry for his I now miss his hands wrapping me tightly, his dick pressing against my stomach. Every one of his moves bringing us closer and closer to ecstasy.

Just thoughts are enough now to make me hold my dick in my hand beating it quickly. My other hand touching my nipples, pinching them, then going down my balls, rubbing them, while still holding my prick hard in the palm of my right a hand reach between my legs going right toward my crack, touching my ass hole, one finger searches for my hole, finds it, caresses it, then push against it asking for entry. Hell, Toks hand knew exactly what to do to me...

He had just awaken to see me starting without him I guess. By now my dick was oozing precum and I was on the verge to explode. But, he knew better not to allow me to bust. Not before he finishes with me. He take my hand away from my dick and fix it right near my face on the bed. His eyes were just looking at mine and once again, lust could be seen in them. Standing over me, his dick was just between my ass and my legs wrapped around his waste.

He made a sudden push, and I could feel him right in me. Filling me with love and excitement. I let go a cry, then a moan then I could not stop moaning as he started going back and fourth in me...

Long Island NY
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  1. Wow! Very very nice. You certainly have a way with words. Hope the story is true.