Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I walked to the supermarket for ice-cream and cake. While deciding through flavors in comes this hot chocolate man.

He walked with a very sexy swagger with a gallon of milk in one hand. I couldn't help from looking at him. We're both standing in the checkout line, he gleemed at me... I didn't say a word. He's checked out and walks out the door of the supermarket. Two seconds later, I'm behind him. I stopped and looked through my bag of items and glanced at him strutting down the opposite street. I was walking home.

I noticed the same guy now walked back up and turned to my street. He was closer than I thought I continued to walk to my house. He tapped my ass. I'm going to take your ass he said, with a NY Caribbean accent. I squeezed his dick through his pants.

Wait until we get in the house, I said. Opening the door he pushed me to the floor. Get up he said in a forceful tone. I got up and he took my clothes off and left me naked. He grew more and more excited seeing me naked. His dick was semi-hard and half way down his thigh and still growing. Suck my dick, he said. Suck my dick. I got down on my knees to lay his dick in the back of my throat. So enjoying his heavy piece of meat and natural man scent... no cologne, Mmmm!

Pulling off all his clothes. I got so thirsty looking at him and his big dick stiff. He said why do you look at me as tho you want to eat me... I answered him because I do. With his seductive voice, he said taste me. I pulled back the skin and sniffed him before swallowing his thick meat into my mouth. Sucking on his dick like there was oxygen in his balls, he shoves it down my throat. Yeah baby, eat that dick he says. He groans softly while I lick and suck his nuts... He pushes me up against the wall and buries his nose in my ass and begins eating my hole clean. Eat my ass, Big Daddy I beg fuck me... take it Big Daddy... I said.

Now on my knee's with my asshole slippery & wet he puts that dick up in my ass. He covers my mouth as I grunt, he says shut up the fuck up. Take Daddy's dick... mounting my ass filling my hole while still covering my mouth with his hands... I mumbled, love that big dick Daddy. After about 45minutes of his dick drilling in my ass and he cums in me... I came thickly all over the bed sheets. Grunting heavily both of us feeling his dick sliding out of me gently... Ahhhhh, that was some good dick Daddy.

He gets up to use the bathroom. When he comes out he said, I'll see you in later ok. Putting on his pants without his underwear... he said wash them for me baby. Now I know I'll have a clean pair here the next time i cum through. He hugs me and kisses me like he belongs to me as he's now leaving. Closing my door with fresh cum running down my legs... I go take a shower and wind down the rest of the evening with the cake an ice cream from the supermarket!

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