Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I was kind of buzzed, but I still knew what I was doing. I walked my normal way home, which ws only a 15 minutes or so. I stopped in this alleyway to take a piss. Luckily the bar isn't to far from my place. I stood against the wall, unzipped and began pissing.

While pissing, I heard footsteps behind me. 'Dam' I hope it's not a policeman. I forced myself to stop and went to zip up my jeans. Suddenly the man behind me said. 'Don't stop because of me, we can piss together.' He came and stood next to me and pulled out his cock. He was a blond white guy.. in his 40s short stocky. He had a handsome face. I thought this was incredibly weird, especially since there was a whole alleyway he could have gone to piss in. But I couldn't force myself to hold it in any longer so I just carried on. After I finished, the man offered me a tissue to clean up with. Confused (and a little drunk) I just took it, cleaned up and went to zip up my jeans.

'Need any more help cleaning up?' he asked me before I could carry on.
'Err...no thanks dude, I'm not gay.' I replied.

The blond stranger grinned. I saw you checking me out a minute ago, and he reached and started rubbing my cock. I pulled away quickly and shouted 'What the F*ck is up with you? He said, we both know you're curious. You've clearly never done anything like this in the past, but I can tell that you're interested.'

The worst part was he was right. I'd pulled my jeans up but I was getting slightly hard. I hoped he couldn't see it. I was so confused, I wasn't gay! But I still couldn't help that I was now fully erect.

The blond haired stranger moved even closer to me, my back was now to the wall and the blond was almost rubbing against me. The blond stranger smirked... Don't resist what feels natural.' He slowly undid my button and zip pulled my jeans to the ground. He rubbed my cock again before pulling down my boxers. What was I lettingm do? Was it the alcohol, or did I really want this? Either way, I was doing nothing to stop the blond haired stranger and I wasn't sure why? He took my rock hard dbng itslowly at first but picking up speed until he was jerking me off. I began breath it felt eal good! At that moment he caught me off guard with a full tongue kiss. The pleasure I was feeling was intense, and I kissed him back. Any doubts I had about what was happening were being cast aside one by one. We stopped kissing after a few seconds and he dropped to his knees. Before I could react, he wrapped his lips around my dick and started sucking. The pleasure was so immense! It was the best blow-job I'd ever had. I felt like I was going to cum at any second. He sped up and started sucking faster and deeper until he was completely deep-throating me. I couldn't take it any more and I shot my load straight down his throat. He took it all, and swallowed.

I stood there with the blond haired stranger for a while, as he continued slobbering on my stiff cock that continued leaking cum minutes afterward. I didn't quite know what to say, but one thing is certain... I am sure going to do it again!!

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