Sunday, October 6, 2013


He looks me in the eyes, more anxious than ever, and says, “I’ve been waiting so long to pound your little boypussy.” His hard head presses into my soft ass and he draws a deep breath. When he exhales he presses into me further and slides his dick in as far as it will go. At the depths of my asshole he leans in and our warm chests touch. He puts his arms in a push-up position on each side of my body so that they are parallel to the bed. Starting to hump away, thrusting his meat into me as hard as possible, I wrap my hands around his back and feel all of his toned muscles. While trying not to lose my breath, I beg, “Oh god, don’t stop!” “You like my dick inside of you? Is it the kind of fuck you've been dreaming of?” “Even more, man.” I grab his smooth shaved head and press his lips into mine. Feeling his big cock ravaging my ass and his tongue swirling around my mouth just about sends me over the edge. When he pulls away I grab my meat and start cranking it. He bends back to lube my asshole up. Once my ass is nice and wet he gets back in push-up position and continues to thrust in and out of me. This time his body is elevated giving me an ample opportunity stroke my cock. I can feel the cum travelling through my balls ready to shoot out at any moment. That feeling of euphoria running through my body as my tight ass is getting plowed sends me past the brim of joy. Loads of my semen shoot out and hit his belly. “Ahhh! Shit!!” My semen continues to decorate his toned abs. When I am spent he is still fucking me. I lay my head back onto the bed and watch my cum drip from his belly onto mine. He pulls his cock out of me... Reaching out I grab his cock with my right hand and aim his head directly at my mouth. My tongue swirls around his stiff mushroom head until he lets out a long grunt. I lick up all the pre-cum I can and let the juices roll around on my tongue. The bittersweet man milk tastes better than the finest wine that has been aged for months. Before I move down to his shaft I flicker my tongue along the underside of his head and gaze into his eyes. The tension in his eyes sends chills up and down my spine. Wrapping my lips around his shaft I hold my breath and continue to pump his cock in and out of my mouth for as long as I can. Before I choke I let his dick plop out of my mouth. Before I suck it again I spit on it and watch my saliva flow down to his balls. I continue to suck on it harder and harder, shoving it further down my throat after each breath I take. Once his head presses at the back of my throat I shake my head from left to right so his pubes brush against my nose. The friction of his coarse pubic hairs against me relieves the itch on the tip of my nose. I inhale deeply to take in his sweaty musk left over from working out. “Mmmmm... my dick feels real good in your mouth.” “Look me in the eye while you drain that load!" When I look at him his breathing intensifies. He takes his right hand and runs it through my hair. Suddenly he grabs my hair and starts to flood the back of my throat with his thick creamy dna. This was the hottest encounter that I have ever had in my life!

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