Thursday, January 16, 2014


I posted an ad on Craig list hoping to fulfill my fantasy of getting fucked in my ass by a man. I posted an ad for an older blackman like 45+ looking to dick me down bareback and host. I got a lot of replies but this one guy was really close and sent a picture of his black cock. I agreed to meet him at his house in 30 minutes.

When I got to his house. He open the door, I walked up to him, his cock was already out. I reached out and put in my hand, we didn't exchange words. I went to work on his big cock. I dropped to my knees and put it in my wet mouth. Putting his balls in my mouth. I dropped my pants exposing my freshly cleaned hungry asshole. A dirty little slut was awakened inside me; I felt eager to please this hot black cock! Tasting his precum, I started playing with my hole to loosen it up for his cock. He told me to bend over and take his dick like the slut bitch you are!

I did as I was told. He struggled to get his big cock inside my tight ass. I'm not going to lie. It hurt at first, but after he got that stiff cock inside my ass, dicking me slowly, it started to feel m.., m.., good.

Face down in the pillow, ass up I feel him spit in my hole. He plunged his dick deep inside me, Fucking me just like a little slut. I was begging for him to cum inside me with his bare cock. He said, if you want daddy to cum, take it like a man and shut the fuck up, stop crying!

Thrusting deeper and harder with each stroke more brutal than the last... I felt his load empty deep inside me. I came also feeling his cock, shoot streams of cum deep in my ass. We laid there breathing hard and out of breath.


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