Wednesday, January 15, 2014


"Can you please check again if a single bed is available?" I pleaded. "No sir, I told you already, only one bus we have now for your town and a window-side of double bed is available, as the other side is occupied by a gentleman.. And it's your choice we don't force." told the travel agency guy with patience. I had to reach my town, it was over 600KMs and a overnight journey.

It was a peak business time, all public transportation services would be obviously have busy time and hardly one could get reservations. I always prefer a single bed, sleeper class. Double ones are meant for couples or family. It wouldn't be so comfortable to share bed with a stranger, as I feel.

Having no option in hand I opted to take the seat that was available. Boarded the bus which came on time, searched for my seat/bed number and got settled. Fellow-passenger hadn't come yet. I wished in my mind, if he misses the bus, so that I could sleep alone. Bus was comfortable. After 5 mins a guy arrived, "is it U30?" he asked, I nodded. He Looked handsome, well built, lot stronger than me. But to my greater disappointment he was drunk. "Heck!!" I whispered in my mind. I hate alcohol smell, but don't have an option.

I increased AC breeze speed to higher, just to get rid of his smell as he climbed bed and got laid next to me. I was staring null at the window to my right side. I had nothing better to do. The bus started moving. He tried to talk to me, I didn't show much interest. Not even in introduction. I asked if he needs lights and switched them off saying, I am sleepy and said 'have a good night', pulling a blanket on. 20 mins passed, I kind of was getting used to alcohol smell a bit. I observed other guy wasn't having any blanket on. Probably alcohol warms body. I was just lying all awake, facing my back at him. Suddenly I felt his hand on my blanket. I pushed it away with my left hand. After 2 mins, I again felt hand on me, this time on my hips .. I felt good. The cold air from AC, and even alcoholic aroma was turning me on. I thought he is in deep sleep and doing it unintentionally. I slightly tilted to show my hips up. So that his hand can touch more portion of my hip. I wished if he continues to do something else. something more.

His hand was still for few seconds, then I felt his left leg placed on my legs. He slowly moved his left hand, brushing my hip it moved to lower back. I still thought he is sleeping. I guess this was all enough for him to know "YES" from me. He took his hand of and inserted it inside the blanket. Now I was sure, what was he up to. I wanted him to be aggressive and dominating one, so I kept quite to let him take charge. He placed his hand on my left buttock, caressed it and squeezed a little. I couldn't help but left a moan in a low voice as a whisper. He quickly inserted his hand into my cloths. Now it was skin to skin. He caressed my lower back and hips. He came into my blanked and turned me towards him. I obeyed.

He started kissing my cheeks, I lifted my head up, he kissed my neck .. shoulder passionately. He then started licking my lips, he drilled his tongue into my mouth parting my lips .. He sucked and bit my lower lip. All the time he was caressing my back and hips, brushing my legs with his. I was breathing heavily so was he. I couldn't believe I was up to this, in a dark cabin of a moving public bus. I sat up and took my shirt off and got rid of my night pant and undergarment, I unbuttoned his shirt and he took off his shirt and pant too. "Do you like to suck?" he whispered to me. I silently moved down and took his 8 inches soft cock in my left hand. It was semi hard when I started jacking it. It's a different pleasure to suck a soft penis and get it stiff inside the back of your neck... Mmmm!

He held my head tightly and pulled my hairs in pleasure. Meanwhile I spared some special time for his balls. I licking them completely in my mouth and sucking away, while I jacked my dick. He definitely was enjoying so was I. After 15-25 mins, he stopped me, told "I am about to cum And I don't want it so soon"! I moved up and he kissed my lips with pressure and passion, keeping his one hand on my butt cheeks. He pinched and sucked and bit my nipples to get me more erotic. "bitch.. I want to fuck your pussy, WHORE!" he whispered in my ear in a commanding way.

I blushed, I kissed his earlobe and whispered "I am your whore, now fuck me like a bitch, like you never fucked anyone!" I positioned myself on all fours, waiting for that black cock. He came behind .. held and squeezed my hips. Spanked two times, I lubed my asshole and his big cock with my saliva. He asked "Is it first time?" I said "NO!" Then He drilled me with full flexed power and force! It felt like a hot rod gushing into my stomach. I hardly controlled my pain, and a scream that was forcefully swallowed in. He pulled it out, and I felt a pleasure of relaxation .. which didn't exist much longer as he inserted his cock back in my asshole again and again! I was enjoying but couldn't bear the strokes and the power. So I laid on my stomach. I placed blanked below my lower abdomen to provide cushion to my hard penis. I placed it sideways in the middle of folds of blanket. I spread my legs a little bit apart.

Now he had me lying my puffy bottom up, Ready to be banged. My early gay partners always like this position of mine. Where they could touch their skin to skin from behind. And loved to bounce on puffy butt cheeks as they fucked. This had always been my fav position as both don't get tired soon. Also enjoy kisses. He moved on me as he inserted lubed dick again. He started fucking me real hard, kissing my back .. placed his hand beneath my chest to squeeze my tiny nipples. squeezing my chest as if a breast. bit my shoulders, neck and cheeks. kissed and licked wherever he could to satisfy our thirst and lust. He was pumping vigorously, which made my body to shake as well result of which My penis was rubbing to blanket, though bit painful but I was enjoying it.

After a while we changed our position. I tilted to sideways to face window and he took me from behind. I started masturbating as he pumped in again. My asshole was getting punished the way I always wished! He increased pace after a while, he whispered. "I'm gonna cum in you whore" I whispered "Flood me with that black seed!" .. He started fucking me real real hard, which made my dick hard and balls became tighter. I felt enormous pain in my ass, as it was squeezing the hard dick in pleasure. My balls hurt once. And In a second I shot my load as he pushed me towards window with one powerful stroke. He kissed my neck and cheeks, he squeezed my nipples .. screaming "oh fuck!! oh fuck!!" in low voice. He gave 4-5 more strokes as he emptied his cock and balls deep in me. We collapsed. His dick was still stuck to my ass he went for sound sleep, I felt cum oozing from my asshole. It was tingling me with pleasure. I continued to sleep in same position since I liked it.

When I woke up, we were in almost same position. I checked time, it was around 4 in the morning. I switched on my cabin light and felt embarrassed about last night incidence. I awoke him, and asked him to put on his clothes. He checked time and looked at me. And smiled. "Do you remember what we did last night?" I asked him why he was wearing my underwear. "Yeah, a bit, it was more like a dream" he told. "it is embarrassing, as I never did it with a stranger" I said, "May be you were drunk, so you started it all" I added. "It's not like that, well. Alcohol was one thing .. you are sexy too" he winked. I blushed "get dressed now, I don't want anyone see us in this mess". "One last blow job!" Eat this Black cock! I stared at him "Now??" .. It was not like I didn't want but I was surprised, actually I got excited again.

"Yes! quickly! Taking it mouthful and getting it deeper and deeper my throat. I continued to pleasure him. 35 minutes later his cum was down my throat and on its way into my belly! We got dressed. Then we introduced ourselves. I got to know that he is a family guy. He told me "I really enjoyed last night. Thanks for letting me have my way with you" I smiled and blushed "I enjoyed it too" ..

We reached our destination. We shared our contacts and departed. We never got a chance to meet again, but since then I go for shared bed whenever I am traveling. And expect other persons to give me those moments again.

Clark D, GA

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