Wednesday, October 15, 2014


There looking at me hanging in my face was Rob's big uncut dick. I kissed,  licked his dick. Rob started moaning. "yeah, suck my me." That made me suck harder, I didn't want to disappoint my uncle's extremely hot friend. So I took his entire dick in my mouth, Rob began to moan louder. He started yelling, "oh shit son, I'm gone cum." I sucked harder and Rob let out a loud moan and he started cumming. I pulled back as he shot 5 or 6 squirts of cum in my face and hands. "Son thank you" he said, out of breathe. "My turn." Rob said, He reached down and pulled my briefs off. 

My dick jumped out. "Nice he said," "thanks" I replied. He put his head between my legs and swallowed my dick. It was the most intense blow job I'd ever felt. He was very experienced...(READ MORE)


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