Thursday, October 30, 2014


                 Max, is an older man, about 58 or so, very tall with a little bit of a belly and a gray beard. He was married as I knew from conversations with him, but he had a quality about him that made me think he didn’t quite fit the typical married man. Also, he had a habit of looking me up and down a bit every time he saw me, paying particular attention to my lower half. While I wasn’t terribly attracted to the man on his appearances, the whole dynamic excited me a little bit. This excitement would fuel some of the mischief I would soon begin. 

There was nobody left downstairs as it was 5:30 on a Friday. I showed him the door to the locker room and opened it with my key card and I held the door open for him to follow me in. He then looked around a bit, going to the showers and remarking on how nice it was and that he should use this as an excuse to get back in shape over his lunch hour or something to that effect.

I wasted no time and immediately began to undress to change into my biking outfit, which is really just running shorts and a tank top. I took my shirt off first. He turned around from looking at the shower and looked a little startled. He asked what kind of outfit I wear when I am going to ride such a long distance. I was untying my shoes and then I took them off. I reached in my bag and showed him my shorts and tank top. “A lot more comfortable than these jeans for such a long ride,” I said. He came over to the bench as if to examine them, kind of looking a little awkward and nervous. He was definitely staying around to watch me change. I became even more excited and my cock began to harden a little. I was wearing black boxer brief trunks under my jeans. I quickly undid my belt and unzipped my jeans and pulled them over my legs, off of one leg at a time. I glanced at Max and he was sporting a massive bulge in his pants. It looked quite impressive. We were both completely silent. 

Since I saw that he had an erection, I decided I would go for it as I was so excited at this point. I hastily grabbed the elastic waist band of my underwear and yanked them down to my ankles, exposing my nicely firm and round ass in all its glory for Max to enjoy. He gasped and immediately grabbed his belt and yanked his pants down exposing his enormous throbbing cock with a big dark mushroom head. I asked him quietly if he wanted to fuck me in the asshole. He said absolutely and I bent over the bench as he stuck his fingers in my hole. I gasped and he reached around and started rubbing my cock. I told him there was lube in my bag and he found it and slid it up my ass and on his cock. He then slowly thrust his cock up inside me and grunted. I groaned as I felt it envelop all of my senses. It was painful and glorious all at once. Once he was all the way in he started to pump me, grunting with heavy breaths. He reached around and started rubbing my hard penis and his breaths got shorter and shorter, until he let out a short quick loud grunt and I felt his jizz pile up inside me, I shot a big thick load all over the floor of the locker room and moaned quietly. He pulled out, out of breath. We both looked totally shocked. “Um…so let’s not talk about this with anyone else,” he said. I nodded, of course not.... Time for the weekend!

West Hollywood, CS

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