Saturday, November 8, 2014


I was in heaven as I closed my eyes and felt his hands trying to open my butt cheeks.  A rough pair of hands softly rubbing my soft ass. I then started moaning softly as I kept a handkerchief over my mouth.  He then started parting my ass cheek and entering my hole with his finger.  I almost moaned loud as I felt one of his finger inside my ass.  I was moaning even more and enjoying him as he kept pushing his fingers inside my ass. I began moving my ass over his finger as he kept saying, ’ohh yeaa babyy…. you are such a little sub sluttt. . hhhhhh

I was enjoying it really well when I turned my head to his side and noticed his bulge.  My moaning had made him so horny that his cock was standing up in his pants! Speeding the story forward...

He got me on all four and positioned his dick at my entrance and dug himself inI was screaming with pain as he got deeper and deeper.  It took him almost 5 minutes to get his cock completely inside my hole as I was really tight. Once in,  he relaxed for a moment and began screwing me hard.  I began to moan as he held my hips for support.  His every thrust was stronger and he fucked me deeperi was in heaven…. ohhh yeaaa…. ahhh ahhhhh ahhhhhi begged him to fuck me deeper and he plunged more and more inside me.

He fucked me for a whole 15 minutes and took out his cock.  I immediately went for it and took it in my mouth. I was sucking his cock deeply and he held my head and pushed it towards his cock more and more.  That's when he started cumming. His cum was really thick and he began cumming in gallons.  I couldn’t take it all in my mouth and his cum began dripping down my neck,  softly flowing down my cleavage and ending in my belly.

He then simply stood up and walked away.  I was really tired and I lay down,  covered in cum waiting for him to show up but he didn’t. I softly closed my eyes and I fell asleep.

When I woke up,  it was the evening and I saw him sleeping naked by my side.  I went to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of honey and sat by his cock. I poured some honey over his tender cock and began sucking it.  Soon it started growing and it was huge in a minute covered in honey.  He woke up to see his cock covered in honey and me sucking it vigorously.

He immediately pushed me.  He turned me over and I was lying with my face down. He spread my ass as I realised that he was about to fuck me dry.  I began begging him to use a lubricant as he entered his cock inside me.  I was screaming in pain as tears were rolling in my eyes.  He began fucking me rough and soon,  I started enjoying it really much. I began to shoutohh babbby. . use me like you own me…. ohhh yeaaathats ittttHe was fucking faster and faster as he began to reach climax.  I could hear the sound of his balls slapping against my naked ass he increased his speed.

At once he stopped and turned me over.  He placed his cock near my mouth and began cumming right on my face.  He still had a lot of cum inside and he covered my face with juicy white cum. I was breathing heavily very tired from the fuck as he stood up and left once again.

He came back soon and he stood naked.  I sat looking at his cock.  He pulled me out of bed and into the shower.  He began rubbing me all over the shower once again.  I soaped his body clean and began sucking his cock once again.  He held my head and began face fucking his cock once again. Soon he got extremely horny and turned me over. He threw me against the wall as he opened my love hole.  His soap covered cock entered my hole easily and he started fucking me once again I was pushed against the wall as he went deeper into me.  He fucked me for a long time and finally,  he climaxed.  He released his juices right inside my ass.  I was really happy and my ass was feeling so warm with his juices inside me. His cum was softly dripping down my legs as I scooped it and licked it clean.  He was so turned on that he lifted me and began kissing me in the shower.  We smooched each other for the next 15 minutes and we left.  He dried my body and I cleaned his body.

He asked me to get dressed as he went out.  He came back and saw me still naked on his bed.  He lifted my legs and pulled my jeans and my shirt.  He pulled me out of the house and we to get a taxi.  We got in the taxi and it was past 8 pm at night when we reached my home.  He was a wonderful hot man to give me an escort all the way home. He kissed me right on the lips and bid me good bye.  He said you have been a wonderful sub for this black daddy.

I was really turned on by tonight's events, good to be home. Just then I realized that I didn't cum.  I immediately went to bedroom, stripped naked, bust my load in seconds.  I was so turned on that I didn’t even touch my dick and I simply started cumming. I will never forget my first time going Black!

Chris Turnblak, 

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