Tuesday, November 11, 2014



It was mesmerizing. I kept stroking it and it just kept getting longer and thicker. The next thing that I knew. I was on my knees in front of this Black God attempting to take as much of his horse cock down my throat.
As we smoked and drank, he clicked on his DVR which was already loaded with a gay (black on white) porn. I was so turned on by this time and he was too. I then let him know I had never been with a guy before and told him he was going to be my first, additionally letting him know how much black guys turned me on and how I have been fantasizing about this moment for years. Mystikal  smiled at me, leaned in a gently started to kiss me, slowly and passionately, getting both our lips wet with our spit. I was in heaven. My entire body was trembling from his touch and kiss.
He whispered in my ear, this would be a night I would never forget and he would make my body quiver over and over. I told him I was about to cum, just from his kisses and touches and he said go ahead as he was going to make me cum over and over all night. Mystikal leaned back from me and watched my body spasm as I came inside my jock strap, which made them wet as well as oozed through my workout pants.

Mystikal laid back on the couch and asked me if I would like to suck his cock and of course I said yes. I took my mouth down to his cock and started to lick it through his shorts, slowly and getting his shorts soaked with my spit. He was moaning and groaning and slowly grinding his bulge in my mouth. As I continued to lick his cock, it began to get harder and harder, fatter and fatter until it was standing straight up against his stomach, with the head sticking out of the waist of his shorts. I reached down and pulled his shorts down his legs and he kicked them totally off. I was in awe of the size of his big, black, fat, cut cock.

His cock was 11" long and he loved to see a hot white mouth working it...(READ MORE)



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