Thursday, June 11, 2015


black dick for bear 
9:30 pm, I received a call from the front desk telling me a guest was coming up. I quickly stripped down and put on my robe and eagerly waited by the door for the knock. A few minutes later the knock came and I opened the door to see the desk attendant standing in the hallway in a tee-shirt, a pair of shorts and sandals. I opened the door all the way allowing him to enter. He walked over to the balcony door and opened it as I shut and locked the hotel room door behind him.

"I saw you eyeing me when you walked into the hotel last night" he said as he turned to face me while leaning against the railing.

"Well I couldn't help myself those muscles of yours were bulging out of your uniform" I said while rubbing my hand against his huge muscles.

"When I caught you staring at my ass today I knew you wanted to fuck me, I was so thankful for that especially after I saw what you are wielding down there last night" he said as he moved his arm from the railing to the crotch of my robe. First stroking my cock on top of the robe before slipping his hand beneath the robe. The feeling of a hand on my shaft was exhilarating and in the rush I leaned closer and locked lips with him. We kissed for what seemed like an hour before we went back into the room. There I helped him take his shirt off as he kicked off his sandals. I slipped my hands in his shorts to find that he wasn't wearing any underwear below them. Taking his shorts in both hands I quickly pulled them down to his ankles revealing his uncut cock. I looked up at him and he simply said,
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"Suck it." So I quickly obliged. I licked and kissed the base of his shaft until his cock grew hard then I pulled his foreskin away from his shaft and started licking his shaft. He put his hand on my shoulder and started gently thrusting his cock against my face. I took the hint and put the head of his shaft in my mouth and it felt so great that I started precuming a little just from the taste of it. He moved his hand from my shoulder, up my back and neck to the back of my head and started pushing my head further down his shaft. The thrusting started picking up speed as I knew his orgasm was getting closer and sure enough he pulled his shaft out of my mouth when he started shooting, spraying his load all over my face, neck and upper chest. The rest of the night was simply a dream!

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