Monday, November 9, 2015

Viewer Stories : Prison Domination

Many years ago I was sent to prison for being a very bad and rebellious youth. I had just turned adult age and was sentenced to two and a half years. The court had told me that I would be going to the Maximum Security Prison and that from there, the system would decide where I was to do my time. I was nervous about it...yet...thinking very clearly also. Images were going thru my head, but I knew that there was no way out. When I actually got there, they took me down into the basement, where they process new convicts. They fingerprint you, take your photo, all your vital information...and then they have you remove all of your clothes and they do a full body search. After this you are allowed to take a shower. I asked them about a towel and some clothes and they told me that when I came out of the shower, that everything would be there. I stepped out of the shower and there was a towel there on a chair. 

I dried off and then wrapped the towel around me. I found the guard whom I had been talking to earlier and I asked him again about some clothes. He said that they had made a mistake and sent the clothes to the cell where I would be going, thinking that I was already there. He said that he was now going to escort me there, but that I would have to leave the towel here because it belonged to this Department. I didn't like it...but did as I was told. As it was, it didn't take very long, and we only ran into about two convicts. It was in the day...and everyone was working. When we got to the cell, all that was in there was a mattress. No sheets, no clothes, no towel...nothing. I asked him what was I supposed to do? He told me that he would see what he could do and would be back later. I am standing there bare-assed, in Prison, with no way to cover up! 

A guy came walking by and saw me there. He stopped and said, "Didn't they give you any clothes?" I told him that there was some kind of screw up and that I was waiting for the guard to come back. He told me not to hold my breath on that one. He said, "Come with me...I am just down in the last cell and I have some extra clothes that I can give you." I thanked him and then followed him down the tier. We walked into his cell and he started rooting through a laundry bag to find some clothes. I heard a voice behind me say, "Hey! What's going on?" I turned my head to look...and suddenly the guy that was supposed to be helping me...grabbed me by my nipples!! It shocked me!...and my first reaction was to grab his hands. Oh it hurt! Alot!! He was pinching them very hard!! He told me to put my hands down, stand still and to do as I was told. At first I couldn't! My nipples were in pain!! But he just kept pinching harder and harder until I did as he said. He told me that my name was now 'Bitch' and that his name was 'Master'. 

I belonged to him now and that as long as I was obedient, I wouldn't be punished. The other guy was now sitting on the bed, with his pants down and was playing with his cock. My Master had me stand in front of him with my legs spread apart, then he bent me over. I was ordered to take his cock in my mouth and suck it. I did as I was told. The whole time my Master was still pinching my nipples. He asked me, "Have you ever had your pussy fucked Bitch?" I shook my head no. He said, "Wow! Are you ever going to love this!!" I felt his cock poking up against me. He spread my legs farther apart and told me to relax. I did as he said...then he rammed his cock in me...all the way!! 

It hurt like nothing that I ever felt before. All my muscles were tensing and it was hard to breathe. He told me, "Now you are going to get fucked my little Bitch...and trust me...soon you will be begging for my attention!!" Every time he slammed into me...he pulled on my nipples really hard! The two of them had a great time with me. The guy, whose cock I was sucking, was spitting on me and slapping me in the face. My Master was fucking me hard and pinching and pulling on my nipples! It was very hot!...and very exciting! I got a big hard on myself!! 

The guy started cumming in my mouth...and so he grabbed my head and shoved it on his cock! My Master then started cumming also, in my ass (pussy). He abused my nipples brutally!! He pulled his cock out and was going to rub it clean on my pussy. But his friend stopped him. He said, "Let's make your Bitch here clean it off in her mouth!" My Master agreed. They turned me around, ordered me on my knees, and put the cock in my mouth! He warned me that it had better be totally clean...or else! That was my first day in Prison...and everyday after that was filled with stiff cocks swelling inside my ass and throat. 

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Ogallala, United States

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