Friday, April 15, 2016

Viewer Stories, "MILES HIGH IN THE SKY"

9:30 AM, Miami, FL

Eric had boarded Delta Airlines flight 420 a short while ago and after going through the traumatizing safety guide on the plane, he was ready to finally feel the engines underneath him roar to life and send him on his way to Punta Cana. All summer he had been waiting for this and it was finally here.
 He was sad, however, because as fun as it looked, there was no companion with him. His friend had promised to go and she had bought a ticked too but it turned out that, at the last minute, she had a family tragedy and cancelled her plans to go anywhere. Now he sat there, looking out the window into the plane some distance from this one.
Once he had been told that Punta Cana was the place to find everything you were looking for and so he planned this trip. He wasn’t gonna quit on it now. Deep inside, he felt this was what he needed. He prayed it be true.
10:52 AM Somewhere Over The United States
The plane had taken flight a while ago and was now somewhere over the United States. The captain had mentioned how high it was flying but for the sake of his own good, Eric decided to ignore the number.
Anxious to go to the restroom after the shaking and cheers of the crowd as the plane took off, he unstrapped his seat belt and stood up, asking permission to the people next to him in order to make way. He’d gotten lucky to get a window seat and was somewhere in the front of the plane.
Sighing at the long distance from his seat to his restroom, he sighed and started walking. Anxious to get there, he didn’t notice an outstretched leg in the hallway and tripped over it. Trying not to fall, he gripped on to the nearest thing he could find and held on for life’s sake.

After landing on his knees, he looks up and sees that he nearly ripped the jacket a guy who was, if anything, just awakening. He looked at Eric and helped him up and apologized, saying that he hadn’t noticed his leg was there because he was asleep. Eric nodded, stood up, and walked away. He had the feeling someone was looking at him from behind. “Psh, who wouldn’t be looking at me, I just busted my ass.” He said to himself. 10:12 AM, Over Atlantic Ocean Eric had spent the next ten minutes suffering over the fact he had just fallen in an airplane. Over the foot of a guy who he just couldn’t take out of his mind. Every time he want back to the event, he noticed the guy more and found him more attractive. Suddenly, his pants started feeling uncomfortable and, almost instantly, he stood up and started making his way to the restroom again. On his way there, he noticed the guy wasn’t in his seat anymore and he raised an eyebrow. He kept walking to the restroom and when he was about to get there, the hot guy Eric had tripped over walked out.

“Hey Pal, sorry bout earlier.” He said. Eric had a moment of pleasure over the soft tone in his voice. God he was hot.“Forget about it, it happens.” Eric replied. The guy spent a while looking at Eric and then did something Eric wasn’t expected. He put his hand on his jeans and started massaging his cock over his pants. Eric’s eyes widened as he looked at the place where this mysterious dude was softly caressing the thing Eric had been wanting to be mastered with for the past ten minutes. He looked back up to his face and saw him motion to the inside of the restroom. Looking around, Eric walked in and behind him came in Mr. Hottie, locking the door behind him. He got close to Eric and whispered in his ear, name’s Jase.

After that, he started breathing down Eric’s neck and kissing him softly along his vein. Eric lowered his face and kissed Jase on the lips softly. In response, he got the kiss of a lion trying to eat his mouth. Eric could feel Jase’s muscles underneath his clothing and pressing against his body was his hard dick. Jase grabbed Eric and spun him around, pinning him down to the sink. He took his shirt off with his other hand and started unbuttoning Eric’s pants. Eric wasn’t sure what to say or do. He was having orgasms over how beautifully blended together Jase’s body was. He was made to perfection.
Without noticing his pants were already gone, Eric gasped at the sudden feeling of Jase’s tongue around his butt. It felt so delirious and soft. The feeling was unlike anything else he had felt. It was as if Jase’s tongue was magic working on him. How could he do that? Jase came back up and leaning into Eric body, kissed him in the mouth again before his jeans dropped to the floor. Eric almost shrieked. Jase was the sort of guy whose dick you would see on TV and nowhere else. He was big and perfect. Jase grabbed his cock and rested it in Eric’s back, slapping Eric’s ass hard and making him moan. “You want this?” Jase said. Eric was speechless. He was being spanked in the ass and he liked it. He wanted to say Yes FUCK ME, but no words would come out his mouth.

Jase grabbed his dick again and started rubbing its tip to Eric’s anus Eric’s thighs opened and in between the process, Jase pushed his tip in. “Oh god.” Was all Eric could say Jase pulled back out and asked Eric the same thing as before. Eric could only nod. Putting his tip into Eric’s ass again, Jase started going deeper. Abruptly, the plane shook and Jase tripped against Eric, making the full of him go inside Eric’s ass without warning. Eric screamed and almost cried. Jase laughed and started pounding Eric’s ass. He stood straight and crossed his arms, looking like the master and went in and out like the world belonged to him. Eric thought the world did belong to him. He was beautiful in all his might and the feelings he was causing inside Eric were more than he could hold in. Before he knew, he was moaning Jase’s name and softly saying “harder”, begging for more.Jase moaned and thrust one last time into Eric. “Shit, I just came inside your ass. Sorry about that.” He said. Eric smiled and pulled pulled out of Jase. He turned around and kissed him in the mouth while he felt Jace’s cum spilling out of his ass. Jase sat in the toilet, his dick upright and smiled. “You’re hot as fuck, let me tell you.” He said. Eric looked at him and couldn’t help but to sit in his lap.
“Can you?” Eric asked. Jase looked at him and, to answer his question, carried Eric up and placed him on top of his dick. Eric moaned, feeling Jase inside of him again was causing the most ecstasy full feelings ever. He was moaning and Jase was pumping in and out like a wild beast, rubbing his muscles against Eric’s body. 1:30 AM, Miami FL, Jase is laying in bed and Eric is sitting in his computer, typing what he believes to be the experience he’ll never forget. Turns out he didn’t even have to get to Punta Cana to find what he wanted. American Airlines proved quite the resource.
Whoever thought that he would fuck 23 thousand feet in the air with the guy that now holds his life in his hands must’ve been crazy. Yet, there it was. Eric turned around to look at Jace and noticed his boxers were betraying what how calm he was trying to look. Eric smiles, pressed sent, and went back to what he loved the most. The dick of the guy that fucked him a couple of miles in the air.


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