Tuesday, July 19, 2016


There was a loud banging at the door at 9 o’clock in the morning. I jump out of bed and stomped to the door, throwing it open. “What the hell are you doing?” I yelled. I regretted my words as soon as they came out of my mouth. “Hey Ben, maintenance.” Standing at the door was Craig, the head of maintenance for my apartment complex. I forgot that I scheduled him to come fix my leaky faucet. “Damn! Craig! I’m so sorry!” I stammered. “I forgot you were coming today and I had a late night.” “Ha! No worries,” He smiled and glanced down. I followed his gaze and turned red. I was so pissed somebody was at my door so early, I forgot to put on any clothes. All I was sporting was my gray cotton boxer briefs and a little bit of a morning wood. Of course the site of Craig at my door didn’t help matters. I had the hots for Craig ever since I moved in. I just got a job in town and didn’t know anybody who could help me move my shit. He saw my struggling with my mattress up the stairs and came to my rescue. He and I spent the next hour hauling boxes and furniture and when we were done, both of us were sweaty and shirtless. I couldn’t help sneaky peaks at this gorgeous man.
Come on in. You get started and I’ll go put on some shorts.” Craig went straight into the kitchen as I started to my room. I figured that Craig was straight and that he got plenty of pussy. But this was maybe a chance to get a nice hot story from this hot man about some adventures, some fodder for the jack-off files. I went back to the kitchen and stood in the doorway.

He was working at a pipe and his shirt was pulled up so I could see the bottom of his stomach, right where his hair was peeking out of his boxers. “I’ve probably scene half of these crazy chicks in this place in their kinkiest shit. You know Mrs. Coffee? That cougar with the watermelon sized tits in 5D. She complains about shit all the time, hoping I’ll fuck her. Most of the stuff is totally faked. One day she calls me in to fix a squeaky cabinet. She comes to the door and her tits and pussy are covered in whipped cream.” “No shit!” Since Craig can’t see me, his head being under my sink and all, I start rubbing my cock over my boxers. “What happened? You lick her clean?” Craig chuckled. “I fixed her cabinet! None of these chicks have anything that really interests me.” Then, something happened that only happens in a man’s fantasies. Craig’s wrench slipped, and water started to spray all over him. He cursed and retightened the fixture, stopping the sudden flow of water. But the damage was done, Craig was soaked. “Oh my god!” I yelled and started to go help. Craig came out from under the sink, looked up and started laughing. “What?” But he just leaned back and continued to chuckle. After a few seconds I got it. I was standing there, still in my boxers but my morning wood had transformed into a raging boner. “Fuck!” I yelled and turned to leave when I felt Craig grab my arm. He turned me to face him. His shirt was soaked through and nearly transparent. I could see several details of his chest and abs. His pants were wet around the waist and clung to his hips. They hung so close I would see the outline of his black cock as it started to swell. “Hey,” he said, still holding me by the arm. “I’m all soaked here. I think the least you could do is help me dry off.” “Yeah,” I stammered, not believing what was actually happening. “I guess. Um, let me help you take your shirt off.” He lifted up his arms as I grabbed his t-shirt and pulled it over his head. I turned to put it on the counter and turned back around, Craig had dropped his pants and had gotten right up next to me and I rubbed up against him. I could feel his damp boxers through my own. His hard black dick brushed up against mine and the friction between the two gave me shivers. I pull down his boxers and take out his cock. It’s still wet. Wetter still from the precum that started to ooze out. I get down on my knees and start to lick the tip of his penis. He starts to moan as I start to take the full length of him. I go down on Craig, slowly sucking more and more of his throbbing cock. I’m holding his huge dick with one and with the other I pull out my own and play with it. He’s groaning loudly after a few minutes of this, one hand rubbing the back of my head and the other gently playing with his nipple. I reach up and play with his other nipple, gently pinch and twisting it. He responds almost immediately, starting to thrust and fuck my face. I gag as I try to keep up. Soon, Craig stiffens and I take his cock out of my mouth just in time to take his entire load all over the bottom of my face. I get a small taste of his salty cum. Craig looks as if he is about to collapse, his face stuck in an “oh” of pleasure. I grab a towel from the counter and wipe my face, giving Craig a chance to recover. Yeah, wow,” He replies! Needless to say, after this encounter, there have been a rash of leaky faucets and squeaky cabinets in my apartment.

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