Sunday, July 31, 2016


He pulled my head into his crotch. I opened my mouth and tried to eat the skin off his hot dick! Derick thrust in and out of my mouth and I gagged as his thick dick entered my throat. After a few minutes he began to moan and pulled his dick out. I felt empty when he withdrew and found myself wanting more. He told me to get on my hands and knees! He got out the lube and began working his finger into me. First one finger then two it was hurting like crazy but something inside me wanted him to do it. All of a sudden he pulled his fingers out and placed his cock at my entrance.

With a sharp push he entered me; I could feel his dick slowly sliding inside me until he was all the way in. Once it was all the way in he stopped and held me there as I whimpered and moaned. After a few minutes the pain slowly eased and he began to pump his big dick in and out of my wet booty hole!
I began to moan uncontrollably and he started telling me what a hot cum rag I was and that I was enjoying his big dick. I was talking dirty and telling him how great his dick felt when he pulled out of my ass, an blew his load all over my face and chest. I jacked off till finally shooting my own load everywhere!

By AnymBro35

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