Friday, July 15, 2016

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After 38 years living as a straight man, I have learned over the past year, I enjoy cocks. I love sucking them. I enjoy having them up my ass. I enjoy rubbing them over my face. I crave the cum that they spew out. I'm always thirsty for the taste of it. I desire the feel of having men of color, treat me aggressively and talking to me like the sub slut I am!

By WSubtakinBC

It made me feel deeply humiliated that I was just a hole for this black man to relieve himself. An hour later, It happened again. Then finally he fucked my tight hole for a long violent penetration. Again I wore a load on my face. 2-3 hours later I heard a couple of voices talking in the other room then I saw 2 men I hadn’t seen before. They used me, asked me if I enjoyed being a good sub boy who loved black cock. I knod my head. They both removed their clothes to reveal semi-hard cocks about 9-11” in length. One then moved behind me and fucked and came in my ass deep. He didn’t hit the same spots the first guy hit. I know, you’ve guessed by now I'm hooked for life!

By Todd Tomorrow

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