Wednesday, August 3, 2016

His Load At Lunchtime

This afternoon for lunch, I went over to an eastside hotel men's room. I'd been thinking about going for weeks. Finally the nerve and curiosity give or take I was horny for a big black dick. In walked a tall sexy man of color. I was so curious by this big tall guy in a polo shirt and jeans. He came to the stall next to me to pee. He sparked conversation, but it was awkward for me. I freaked a bit and went inside of the stall with the glory holes.
I heard him come over to the glory hole. I looked at the hole.. Waiting in anticipation for his cock to appear. This black guy was also very aggressively horny! He stuck that thick cock through glory hole demanding me to touch it, suck it! I knelt down to suck him, I enjoyed his being verbal with me. I continued sucking him! He then told me he was going to fuck my tight lil ass with that big black dick. He fucked me good and deep, came on my chest. It did not take me long to cum after getting all of what I literally came here for!!!
By LLFeeder34

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