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I drove over to Dex’s who lived a few blocks away. He lived down closer to the beaches that I did, his house looked over the lake from the other side of the road. I pulled into his driveway and proceeded up the walk to the front door. As I got there it suddenly opened and there was Dex, wearing his Cop Uniform. His basket had that usual large bulge. (The handsome stud!) Holding his arms out, he gave me a big hug and kissed me on the cheek and said a very happy birthday to you my good friend. It lasted a good couple of minutes. All I wanted to do is melt in his arms and let him take me totally. Then he put his arm around my shoulder and led me into the house. We sat down on the couch side by side and he put his hand on my knee and then said to me, “I have a day planned for you that you will never forget and I am wearing my Uniform as a treat for you as I know that it turns you on. And besides I don’t mind showing it off for you. After all it was fun to have someone admire my body. It makes me feel powerfully sexy.”
We chatted for a few minutes and then he suggested that we go down for brunch at the little café on the boardwalk by the lake. We had been there a number of times before and it was a great establishment. He told me to just let him change as he didn’t really want to wear his uniform out in public, when not on duty. Then he stood up and without hesitation, peeled his clothes off. Wow, I was shocked, he was standing stark naked in front of me. I had never seen his big black cock before, it was huge. It was soft but it hung down at least 8 inches dangling between his legs. He laughed and then gave it a pat and reached over on the chair and picked up his boxers and put them on, followed by tight blue jeans, tank top and cowboy boots. Damn he looked so hot. Then he reached down and pulled me up off the couch and led me to the door.
We walked down to the boardwalk cafe. Got a couple of seats overlooking the lake and ordered brunch. Although it was early, Dex ordered us a couple of Morning Glories, (that’s Orange juice and white wine over ice.) He justified it by saying it was my birthday and today there is nothing we couldn’t and shouldn’t do. We sat there for about 45 minutes enjoying each other’s company. We had two more Morning Glories each. Then we walked along the boardwalk side by side. We were a bit buzzed from the drinks we had. And we were both very mellow. We were just admiring the view and enjoying each other’s company. After about half an hour Dex suggested that we go back to his place and go for a dip in the pool then maybe watch a movie or two. That sounded great to me, so we turned around and proceeded back to his place.

As he went up the stairs to the front door in front of me I glanced down at his butt. God he was well shaped, he was a perfect black stud. When he reached the front door he opened it and then with a big smile on his face, turned to me and said, “You know Darian; I went shopping last night and got a few things for our day together. But you will have to wait for a while and I will surprise you later on with them.” We went inside and Dex told me he would get us a couple of swim suits and towels and then we could take a dip in the pool. He went to his bedroom and came back a moment later with two blue swimsuits the bikini style. He tossed one to me and then right in front of me proceeded to strip down again to the nude.
I almost fainted with shock; what a treat, I got to look at his great body twice in one day. . His big cock hung down his leg. Wow!! He pulled his swimsuit on and God he looked wonderful. I hoped that I didn’t get a hard on just looking. I then stripped as well and quickly pulled my suit on too. Then Dex walked towards me and again put his arm around my shoulder and gave me a slight hug. He steered me to the back door and the pool. While we stood beside the pool, he started to chuckle and then gave me a shove into the pool and jumped in beside me. Then we started a splash fight. We were having great fun laughing and playing. We were in the pool for about half an hour and then we climbed out. Went and lay down on our towels to dry. Then Dex asked if I would like to have another drink. I said yes.

He got up and sauntered into the house in that sexy manly way he had. Damn I wish I could have him. A few moments later he came out of the house with a couple of large glasses. I glanced at his crotch, was it my imagination or was it starting to bulge out. He came to me and handed me a drink. I took a sip. Wow that was a strong one. Dex laughed and said that he made them extra special so we could have a good time. We laid there on our towels, sipping our drinks and chatting about this, that and the nothing in particular. Then he pulled out a thick joint. He sparked it up and took a toke then handed it to me. I imitated him and inhaled deeply. We lay there together laughing and having a good time together.

In about half an hour we finished the drinks and the smoke. We were feeling quite good by this time. Dex put his hand on my shoulder and suggested that we go into the house and relax watching a movie or two. He stood up and pulled me up too. Then arm in arm we went into the house. Dex said he was going to have a shower to get the chlorine from the pool off him. He went to the washroom and was gone about fifteen minutes. I went to the bar and made us another couple of stiff drinks. Then walked over to the couch and sat down waiting for the stud to come out of the bathroom. When he was done, he came out with his house robe hanging open and his black cock dangling free.
He had a big smile on his face and said that felt good. He then asked if I wanted a shower too, I did. I drank half my drink and then proceeded to the bathing room. While I was in there I thought I would check if I was still clean, so I stuck a couple of fingers up my ass and felt around. I was perfectly clean. I stepped into the shower soaped up and lubed up my hand and then put my fingers back up my asshole. I played around and imagined that Dex was doing it to me. I didn’t want to be too long so I stopped and dried. I put on the robe Darian had left me. Leaving it open like Dex did I went into the living room. Darian was sitting on the couch with his legs spread in a manly way, his cock hanging free. He was sipping his drink and rolling another joint. He glanced at me and gestured for me to come over to him and patting the seat beside him. “Come sit beside me my friend” he said in a husky masculine voice.

I eagerly went over to the couch and plopped down beside him. He handed me a refilled drink and toasted me. I toasted back to him. And we gulped down our drinks. Dex sparked up a blunt, he'd rolled and took a long deep pull of it. The handed it to me and I duplicated his action. When we were done the blunt, Dex suggested that we watch a movie; he had picked one he knew that I would enjoy. I reached for the remote and turned on the big screen TV, turned on the DVD and pressed start. The movie was already running and was at the beginning. Just like us there were two good-looking guys sitting on a couch talking. Then one of them put his hand on the other guy’s crotch and started stroking it. Their mouths met and started to kiss. I was shocked, what was this, it was a gay movie. I quickly looked over at Dex and he had this huge smile on his face. Then to my amazement he leaned into me wrapped his arms around me and started to French kiss me. His tongue went deep into my mouth and his hand went to my cock and he squeezed it. He kissed me for a minute or so and then he leaned back and spoke to me. “Darian,” he said, “You always thought I was straight, but I am actually Bi-sexual. I Get turned on by guys. I have never actually had another guy but have often thought about it. I enjoy you not only as a friend but I want to Love you as a man. I have decided that I want to possess you in every way possible. I want to give you what I know you have always wanted since we met. I have seen the way you look at me sometimes and know what you are longing for. Now I want to give you me. I told you that this was going to be the best day of your life and it is.” He grabbed me again and kissed me with great passion.
I melted in his arms and eagerly received him. Then he stood up and lifted me up in his arms and carried me to his bedroom. Placed me on the bed and lay down beside me. He wrapped himself around me and started to make love to me. Then he rolled off me and stood up, his cock was rock hard and standing straight out. I reached for the bottle of poppers that I had brought with me and had placed on the end table beside his bed. I took two good big long sniffs of poppers. One in each nostril. Then I kneeled down to Dex’s’ cock and put his huge quivering head in my mouth and as I was looking up into his dreamy eyes, started to go down on him. He was a good 3½ inches in diameter and had lengthened to 10+ inches. My head was spinning with the excitement of swallowing his manhood and with the rush of the poppers. I let his massive black cock glide steadily into my mouth, inch by inch. Going Deeper and deeper. Dex let out a low growl that sounded like an animal. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back.

I was looking up at his wondrous body as a swallowed the length of him. I didn’t stop until his balls were against my chin. Then I slowly pulled my mouth off of his cock to the tip. He was making low moaning, growling sounds. I knew I was pleasing this stud. With my mouth posed at the tip of his cock, I took another couple of quick sniffs of poppers. Dex opened his eyes and looked down at me with his penetrating eyes. While he was looking down at me and I still was looking up at him. I did what I do best. With much more force and speed I went all the way down on him. My hands were on his butt and I pulled him into my mouth and his balls banged against my chin. He let out a howl, like a wolf and I started to piston suck his rock hard stud cock. Moving faster and faster, then harder and harder. I just couldn’t get enough. He was breathing heavy and making little thrust motions with his hips as I blew him. I heard a deep moan building up in him and as he let it out and it slowly developed into a howl. Then he yelled, “OH, fuck I’m cumming. Take my load, Darian!” I increased the momentum of sucking his black fuck-stick, he quivered and I felt his chocolate cum filling my throat. I breathed deeply through my nose, then held my breath and took his entire length inside of my mouth and held that position. He was howling and shooting his load deep inside of me. He just kept Cumming and Cumming. I was almost drowning, but the pleasure of it kept me wanting more from him!

I was going to show this stud my best friend, that I had what it takes to please a real man like him. Those great big brown balls of his were emptying their entire contents into my eager throat and mouth. There was so much that some of it was dribbling down my chin. Finally the pulsating stopped and he was making pleasure whimpering noises. He pulled his black cock out of my mouth and with firm strong hands lifted me up off of my knees. He was a little bit taller than me but only by an inch or so. Then he licked his cum off of my chin and brought his tongue to my mouth and I parted my lips and he tongue wrestled with me. He gave me the most passionate French kiss that I had ever had. His arms wrapped around me as he hugged me tightly. Firmly, grinding his hips against mine. I hadn’t noticed before but I felt a bit wet in the crotch area and realized that I had also cum. And without even touching my cock. I had been in so much ecstasy I hadn’t realized. Dex Held me close and whispered romantically in my ear, “Darian, I am going to going to give you much more. I am going to fuck that pretty little ass of yours, good and hard giving you what you’ve always wanted and needed.”

He then went over to the double closet in the bedroom wall. Opened it up, but it wasn’t a closet, it was a small 10’ by 10 ‘room. There were all kinds of clothing hanging on the wall, Cowboy Gear, Cop and Fireman Uniforms, Sportswear, and Leather too. And in the middle of the room, there was a leather sling suspended from the ceiling by chains, all set up to use. Dex laughed a hearty laugh and then in a deep husky sexy masculine voice spoke out to me, “Darian, I told you that I had gone shopping last night and had gotten a few surprises for you. Well what do you think? Am I going to fill a fantasy or two for you?” He playfully slapped my ass cheeks, with his masculine hand, bringing waves of pleasure throughout my body. He took his Cop Uniform off the hook on the wall and started to put it on telling me he knew that I especially liked him in his uniform. Then he told me to put anything on that I wanted. I put on a leather harness, a studded leather armband, suede leather chaps, two leather gauntlets, and Cowboy boots. I looked at him, Oh my god he was magnificent. Every gay man’s fantasy. He strutted over to me and lifted me up, placing me in the sling. Then he put my legs in the holders and my ass was exposed for him to use. Then with my ass spread wide. He dipped a finger into the jar of lubricant and pulled out a large dollop, he placed his finger against my asshole and started to lube it up. He stuck the finger into my ass and I quivered. My ass was eager. He reached into the e drawer of a dresser beside us and took out some poppers and handed them to me. I took a few deep sniffs and then he started to massage the inside of my hole. I moaned in ecstasy. He inserted his finger right into my ass all the way. It felt marvelous. Then he pulled out his finger and pushed it back in again and again. Then he pulled out and put two fingers in. When they were totally in, he spread them a bit and twirled them around inside of me. He was pulling them out and twirling them in. I was moaning in pleasure the whole time. Dex took out his two fingers. I didn’t say anything to him I just nodded my head. I wanted him to do whatever he wanted to do to me. I craved him. He lubed up the his big black cock and placed it against the crack of my ass and I took a couple of big sniffs of poppers and then pushed my ass towards Dex’s hand with his hard dick in it. Dex started to push his big black cock in to my eager butt. It slipped in inch by inch until it was all the way in. He then pulled it almost all the way out. Then rammed it in. Over and over. Again and again. He continued to work my ass with that stiff dick, and I was quivering with pleasure. HE looked magnificent in his Hot Cop Uniform.
I had never felt like this before. I watched his Powerful studly face as he worked my ass. He was like a God; I had never before loved anyone as much as I did him. I was his totally and completely. I would do anything for him. I just wanted to please him and be his for eternity! He smiled a lustful smile down at me. I wanted him. I needed him. I looked into his brown eyes relishing in the way he looked in his Cop Uniform. With a docile pleading voice I stuttered out, “Oh Dex, please fuck me with that big black cock of yours whenever, you need or want... Please!”
Dex reached over and grabbed the bottle of poppers and handed them to me. I took a few big deep sniffs, while I continuously looked into his eyes. Then he placed his cock between my ass cheeks and started to push. I moaned loudly. Yes this is what I want! Slowly Dex penetrated me deeper, Pushing in deeper and deeper. He didn’t stop until he was completely inside of me. His huge brown balls lying against the cheeks of my ass. For a few moments he just held his cock there without moving. Enjoying the feeling of being deep inside his new cock holder and future on call dick milker. I felt like we were joined. Nothing could be better then his masculine company!
Then Dex slowly withdrew to the very tip of his cock and with speed and a great thrust, rammed it to the hilt. There was nothing but pleasure and I moaned loudly to show him, I wanted him, every inch. My body was quivering and shaking as Dex rode me. All I wanted was to please this stud, my stud. To be his fuck toy. He had his hands on the chains of the sling now and was pulling me into him. Faster and faster. Pleasure, upon pleasure upon pleasure. He was piston fucking me. Ramming me hard and deep with all of his might. His balls banging hard and making slapping noises against my ass cheeks. I just wanted more and more of him. All of him. I wanted him completely inside of me. Let us join and be one. He was fucking me so hard that all you could hear was a loud slapping noise as his body hit mine. And we were both moaning with extreme pleasure. He kept plowing my eager hole. I never wanted him to stop. I had such a high, it was indescribable. He was looking down into my eyes and I up into his. I could feel his spent up love pouring into me. And mine back into him. He went right to the hilt and all the while was looking deep into my eyes. I was floating. Then like an animal in heat, he withdrew all the way. My ass stayed open and he thrust forward and his rod found my hole and entered again. Deep down inside of me and his balls made a loud slapping noise on my ass cheeks. He pulled all the way out again and thrust in. He was building up rhythm. I had never been fucked like this before. I felt like I was out of my body. Floating in Heaven. He built up speed and power more and more speed and power. I thought he would fuck my brains out. I could feel his very essence. His black cock was hot, very hot, almost burning. My ass was boiling. We were both sweating bullets. He was dripping his hot sweat all over me as he used my ass brutally. Each drop of sweat brought new added pleasure to me as it landed on my body.
My cock was so hard, ever time Dex thrust and pulled me onto his Man cock, my cock would bang hard against my abs. It almost hurt it was so rock hard. I was ready to explode. I tightened my ass cheeks around his thrusting member. Then he let out an animal roar, He was cumming again! I felt his hot seed deep in my bowels, filling me full. I could almost taste it. My ass felt so good, stretched, very full of bbc! He was ramming me and ramming me and emptying his load deep inside my/his new available on demand ass. Then it happened, I couldn’t hold back. I also started to roar like an animal and I started to shoot as well. I had never cum like that in my life. I just shot buckets and buckets, up on the ceiling, on his hairy chest and on my own chest. Some even landed on my face by my mouth and I licked it up. Not wanting to waste a drop.
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