Monday, September 5, 2016


I woke up and guess who was on my mind. I am still lying in bed all alone,
thinking of you so what should I do? If you were here, I would not being able
to help my self! Caressing your body, you moan and begin to wake,
you ask m what I am doing, I stop you by planting a big hot kiss on your lips
while stroking. We make out for a while, enjoying our mansex. I turn you over onto you stomach and massage your back. After a while I move to your legs, you spread them giving access to your sweet ass.

I continue to massage them then I replace my hand with my lips, you spread you leg wider exposes you tight sweet man pussy. I kiss it, then lick it, oh the taste is indescribable. You moan I lube up your man pussy slide two fingers in, you moan loader as I use three. Now that you are nice a ready. I lube my stiff dick, slide it slowly into you until you have all of me inside. I lay for a moment enjoying your warmth, then I pull out. You beg me for more, so I begin slowly enjoying dicking you down. You start matching my thrust soon we are fucking with rhythm. I can feel that I'm about to bust a nut soon.

We fuck as if we are one at this moment. Unable to hold back I explode and flood your man pussy with my dick juice. We collapse and lay there motionless while I drain all of my seeds into you. Hope this make you hot reading as much as it did me writing it.


Rasta Plays With His Impressive Meat

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