Thursday, December 22, 2016


He texted me 6am.. Wife's away looking to play. I had been hoping to hook up with this hot stud for quite awhile. This works out perfectly because its my day off. Gps directions to drain this hot chocolate dick. I replied see you in 20 mins.. He responded, "Cum get this dick, and stop texting!" Yes Sir! That text set the whole tone and I raced to his address to taste him. In chats before he told me he didnt want me to rush, he wanted me to take my time and show him why I'm a cocksucker... Challenge accepted!

I park my car, walk to his door, open it, lock is as instructed. I find him laying on the bed ready, waitngprecum. My mouth begins to start watering... Nervous just because this guy is fucking hot and I want to please him and hopefuly become his regular. So I slowly swallowed the head, to accommodate the rest of his long thick shaft in my mouth and down my throat. Bobbing up and down his stiff black dick, playing, smelling, licking his balls. Howard was grunting and groaning with pleasure. Howard very aggressive dom slapped my hand away from his dick, grabbed the back of my head and shoved his hard dick down my throat. My nose was pressed into his kinky pubic hair and his balls were flopping against my chin. As Howard tensed up and held himself totally still, I could actually feel the cum building up in his balls. He started nutting like a dam busted. Chocking on what felt like a gallon of cum pulsed into my greedy throat and mouth. Howard was quiet, surprised at how much cum he shot into my mouth, sucking and swallowing all his seed. Eagerly I sucked every last drop out of him and then cleaned his beautiful black dick and balls with my tongue.

Howard rubbed my head while I continued cleaning his dick, thanked me. I asked did you like the way I drained you and if so can we do it again or whenever you want your dick handled please let me have it. He said you can have it as long as you always do it like that. That's too easy because nothing beats sucking a hot chocolate cock that wants you. That first load was 10 years ago. I am still empting his balls till today!

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