Friday, December 23, 2016


Bored and horny, I went online cruising, hoping to get some good dick. It seemed there were no interested guys around then I found him on squirt. We messaged a few times back and forth, then exchanged numbers, started texting and in a few minutes we were about to meet and hook up!

I arrive at a hotel, feeling alittle scared, not that I expect to be murdered. But I continue on being the thrill seeker I am. I text him for the room number. The door is unlocked, he's already naked, stiff black cock in hand. He tells me, "close the door behind yourself and lock it". I do as instructed. Then he said in a very forceful tone remove all of your clothes and get on your knees. There was no introduction of a normal meeting between friends.. this was something else. What's his name? I'm about to have sex with this strange man. He struts over and stands infront of me with his errect musty black cock. I was on my knees kneeling before this man.. which I actually really like. He  is so dam hot! Sexy is the control he has over me. I am powerless. He licks his index and middle finger to put in my tight little virgin hole. Enjoying this fantasy in real time, ask him if I may taste his cock before it enters my ass.. He nods, and i begin licking, then sucking and a combination until he couldnt take it. He turned me around, told me, he was going to fuck that hole now.
Is he wearing a condom?
He's not wearing a condom.
That hard black dick is inside of me, ooouh I moan.
I'm trying to get used to it but all I can think is, his big fat long dick is actually in my tight ass.
He starts to go deeper and Ouch it hurts, and it's uncomfortable and what's his name?
He's fucking my ass it feels so good, it's the sweetest pain I've known.
This is so wild, I don't know his name and he's fucking my ass with no condom and it feels like my black husband. Like not just a fuck but like a blanket spread over my entire body. I'm so drunk on pure ecstasy moaning pretty loud and not caring how many of the other guest could hear.
Suddenly he thrusts really hard and with finality. There's a pause and then he goes out and in once more, an action punctuated by a strange warmth that I instantly know is his warm seed filling my asshole insides. He keeps pumping  his cock in me until empty.. "What was your name?"
"Hubby," he says. Hubby's cum is inside me.


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