Saturday, February 4, 2017


I'm laying on my bed, on my backside, ass up puckering to be used. The head of his thick cock against my tiny pink asshole. He asked me if I was ready to take his big black dick, and before I could answer he spit in my asshole started pushing the head inside me. His huge cock up my ass while I pleaded with him to slow down, but as the words were leaving my mouth his cousin came over and shoved his uncut cock all the way down my throat! After a few seconds, the first black dude( I never got their names) had his full twelve inches up my rear end. Pounding my asshole, while his cousin steadily drilled my mouth. I finally got use to his dick deep in my ass, and then he really started to pound me, which felt so amazing!!! I was getting it on with two hot, well hung black dudes fucking the hell out of my ass and mouth, at the same time. I never knew sex could feel like this!

By Annonymous_MWBTM2017

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