Saturday, April 22, 2017


There was a neighbor who would always sit on his bed naked facing my window. He was much older black man, I'd been fantasizing about sucking a man’s cock for ever, I'd seen a couple of interracial video's with white women sucking black cocks and I thought a black man’s cock was the most beautiful thing ever. All the women always seemed to want to get that black cum in their mouths. The thought and seeing my naked neighbor keeps me horny.

One day last week I took a time off from work. My neighbor works from home so around lunchtime, I knocked on his door to invite him over for lunch. He came to the do with a nice bulge. I was so mesmerized... He asked boldly, "Would you like to play with my cock?”

“Yes, please,” I quickly answered.
Moving in front of me, The neighbor lowered his lounge pants and pulled out his big black cock.

"Dam," I literally started salivating when I saw his huge cock. It was over 10 inches long and very thick, a well-proportioned table leg with pre-cum ouzing. He was getting harder by the second and I wasn’t about to disappoint.

I reached out and took his stiff black cock in my hand and started jerking it. His big black cock felt great, so warm and firm. I was trembling with joy, as his big black cock dangled in front of my face.
I just leaned forward and rubbed my lips across the head. When I finally took his stiff black cock into my mouth, I saw fireworks!!!

 I sucked and stroked him as hard as I could. All I could think about was that I wanted him to cum deep in my hungry mouth, I wanted to feel the power of his sperm spraying across my tongue and against the back of my throat.

I sucked my neighbors black cock for about 30 minutes and then I felt him pumping his thick hard black cock in and out of my mouth. He was drilling my mouth like I was a cheap whore. I felt spurts of hot sweet cum hit the back of my throat and ooze down my throat. My neighbors black cock squirted filling my mouth full of his sperm. I swallow it right away. I loved how he taste.

As I finished milking his black cock dry. My neighbor invited me back the next night. I became one of his regular's for a few years after that, He even had me servicing some of his friends, I loved sucking his and his friend’s big black cocks.

By Annonymous1968

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