Tuesday, May 23, 2017

USED BY 3 BBC's : Viewer Stories

I am a big chub white guy who was driving through a bad neighborhood when my car broke down... as I was checking under the hood, I was approached by an older black man who offered to help me out. James fixed my car but when I offered to pay him, he said he just needed a ride to his sons house. I drove him there, 10 minutes away. When we arrived James offered me something to drink in the house so I went in and James introduced me to his sons Marcus & Tyreeq. After drinking a couple of cocktails I asked to use the restroom. I was going back downstairs when I heard moaning coming from one of the bedrooms. Curious me peaked inside marcus was laying on the bed naked stroking his cock as I watched intently. I never notice that tyreeq had come upstairs & was standing right behind me. Tyreeq said what are you doing? I said nothing but Tyreeq peeked into the room & saw what I was looking at.

He then pushed me into the bedroom where marcus was still stroking.. Tyreeq said, hey hey Marcus look who was watching you beat off! Marcus said, "did you like what you saw?" I said, hell yes I did! Tyreeq led me over to the bed. He told me to get down on my knees which i did. Then Marcus slid to the edge of the bed & said suck my bbc you fat white slut! I took his cock in my hands & stroked him into my mouth he moaned as my mouth engulfed his head & his shaft he grabbed my head & he began fucking my mouth. Tyreeq then stripped out of his clothes & stripped me out of mine. 

After sucking Marcus to a raging hardon, I was told to get up on the bed in the doggystyle position which i did. Marcus got up off of the bed & positioned himself behind me as Tyreeq got onto the bed in front of me. As Tyreeq slid his cock into my mouth, Marcus began fingering my asshole. 

With one, then two, then three fingers opening up my hole, as Tyreeq was fucking my mouth. Marcus entered my ass with his bbc. I was being fucked in both of my holes & was loving every minute of the pain & pleasure! They fucked me for what seemed like hours... I was in extascy! Tyreeq came first I felt his balls swell up as he was  ready to explode in my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed as much as I could loving the taste of his salty sweet cum. Then I felt Marcus shiver and shake behind me, cumming deep inside my fat hole! His juices dripping out of my ass and down my thighs when they were done with me. I was just laying on the bed still trying to catch a breather from the two yound studs, when I noticed that James watched the whole thing from the doorway. 

Wow, this has turned out to be some night out. James was grabbing on his huge bulge with a develish grin as both his sons were leaving their cum inside me. Marcus and Tyreeq said to their father.."We warmed him up for you, Dad!" James stripped off his clothes walked over to the bed. My head hanging off the edge, James mounted my mouth. Sliding bbc #3 down my cum hungry throat! Fucking my mouth calling me his fat white bitch. Being so dominate and demanding of me. Feeling so slutty, so happy for my car breaking down earlier... I hear the grunts, and his cock swelling. 30 minutes, James fucked my wet mouth and throat before he pulled! Exploding his monster load of hot salty jism all over my face & tits! I licked all his cum from my lips as he slapped my face with his bbc!

James said... "anytime you want a repeat of what just happened, give him a call." He gave me his #, then told me to get dressed. I did still covered in cum. I made it back home in about an hour. Once ut the keys down, I got naked and jerked off untill I came on myself. Thinking about how I had just been used by three big black studs!

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