Wednesday, June 7, 2017

DEMARCUS : Viewer Stories

5 years ago I did 15 months in prison. I got stopped and pulled over by state troopers for drinking and drivng late on a Saturday night. I spent the weekend in jail, court was first thing Monday morning. This was my 3rd dui, so the judge through the book at me. My boyfriend posted bail and had a serious talk with me about survival behind bars. Me 28, 135lbs, white boy with curly brown hair. My boyfriend said this isnt going to be easy at all. George told me  as I was being takien away in handcuffs to my new home for the next 15 months... find the biggest guy there to become good friends with for protection.

Entering the prison walking pass the inmates, some whistled, some yelled I looks like tight pussy was definitely scary. They were looking at me like I was the new girl intown. I didnt have a cell yet and went directly to the caffeteria because it was dinner time. This day was not getting better. While eating, This big muscular blackman sat next to me with his tray.  He was 6ft 3, 40ish, very sexy.
Looking at him I was instantly turned on. I kept thinking about my boyfriend George's advice and hoped this would be a chance to make a friend get protected.

Demarco was his name. He asked me if I wanted my dessert, I offered it right away. While we talked he put his arm my neck and pulled me close to say we are going to be real close you and me white boy. I smiled and knodded ok. Then I felt one of his fingers slip into my pants. I whispered "Demarco, everybody is looking at us". He calmly said " I'm the Big Dawg up in here".

HHMMMMM this is perfect I thought to myself. With out a minute to spare I suggested to Demarco, we get some privacy".  He nodded yes and we proceeded to his cell. He was making me horny in a way that I didnt know existed. Especially in a place like this. I had never been with a black man and was so excited to find out if it was true, that black guys have huge dicks..

Demarco laid back on his bunk, spread his thick thigh I dropped to my knees began kissing his bulge as he moaned. Then he stood and dropped his pants. I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life. Demarco grabbed my head and forced my lips to his big black dick. My jaws stretched  as my lips softley sucked  until it touched my throat and I gagged, But Demarco kept pushing and eventually my nose was burried deep in his black crotch.

I was so shocked at myself taking such a big dick like his in my throat. He slapped my face with his girthy black dick. I sucked, fucked and swallowed him for the next 15 months and he kept me safe and happy. My boyfriend George and I are still together. Demarco is being released this summer end of August. He is going to stay with me and George until he can get on his feet again. Yes, my boyfriend knows all about Demarco and Demarco knows all about George.

George knows his advice saved my life in prison. George also has confessed he has always wanted to be intimate with an aggressive black stud like Demarco. I can wait till the end of August and that big black dick of ours to come home.

By Couple4Demarcus

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