Wednesday, March 24, 2010


On my knee's between his legs was my place to express myself. His dick down my throat, throbbing, pre-cuming was all I breathed for 60minutes, as he verbally encouraged me to show him how much I wanted his big dick. Playing with my asshole with his big hands getting it juicy to receive his thick meat.

It had been a while since I'd wanted to give up my hole to anyone before today.

 But on my knee's I remained.
Sucking up on this meaty piece of dick.
He became more aroused from my deep groaning as I fed from his 10 inch dick
licking greedily over his heavy hairy balls. He smacks my ass and tells me its time for him to nut. I get on top of the bed on my knee's, ass up in the air, he puts his face in my asshole and sniffs me. Mmm, licking and eating my hole like Thanksgiving dinner. It was now time for the stuffing and we were both ready.

Sliding in my ass slowly. Widening my hole steadily... I now feel our body's becoming one as I feel his stretching to my prostate. Letting out a loud grunt and looking at him through the mirror as he verbally commanded me through a two hour long rough deep fucking.
My knees began to buckle and I am now getting tackle fucked by this Big line-backer. Biting on my neck, licking in my ears and whispering to me he wasn't going to give up that nut until I begged him to stop.


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