Thursday, November 12, 2009


I was heterosexual and didnt want to kiss a man, I was horny and it felt like he was ready to cure my ache. As quick as anything, I unzipped my pants once again to unleash my now rock hard black cock. While playing with my cock with one hand he started to play with his as we were engaged in a kiss that felt like it lasted a million years. As he got onto his knees I pulled my pants off and he started to suck on my love stick, not the most erotic way, but nonetheless he felt like he enjoyed it. He started sucking and sucking until I almost came. 

Now we were both fully naked and I know he wanted me inside him. This was a different experience for me but I knew what to do in any case. He started to sit slowly down on my cock as I was very close to cumming and I knew it would not take long. Slowly in he eased as he started to grunt slightly. He eased himself onto my cock as he started to move slowly up and down, up and down. I could hear him "OH yeah, love that black bone, give me your black hard cock", it was funny hearing a mans voice on the end of my love stick but nonetheless it was good!!!!


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