Saturday, January 7, 2017


Darren was already 12 minutes late with a 20-minute drive ahead of him, so he decided to take the back roads. His sports coupe could easily take those bends at 70 mph and chances were, no traffic patrol would be around. He could cut his time in half and only be a few minutes late. Darren made it about 5 miles down 495 when the blaring siren and flashing lights caught up him and an angry cop ordered him to pull in the next side street over the pa system. Darren immediately turned in the first path he came up on, pulled his car off to the side, parked and waited for the officer.

watched in his rear view mirror as the cop stepped out of his car. That cop was at least 6’2", built and Darren’s jaw dropped as the officer put on his shades and started walking toward him. "In an awful hurry, aren’t you?" the officer’s voice was deep, serious. "Ah, yeah, see, I," Darren said."

"Step out of the car."
Darren thought that was odd for a routine speeding ticket, but he obediently took off his seat belt and stepped out of the car. The cop leaned down to search Darren’s car and his uniform pants clung perfectly to his muscular ass. Darren tried not to stare, but how could he help himself. This cop was smoking hot! "Been drinking today?" the officer asked. "No, sir." "Do drugs?" "No, sir." "Then you must be flat out insane." Darren paused; he wasn’t quite sure what the man was getting at, so he kept his mouth shut. It was obvious the policeman was not amused and didn’t want an answer. 

"This is a $200 ticket and is worth 3 points on your license. I see here you already have 2 points. That means you lose your license if I write you this ticket." "T..tthree points?" Darren was taken back. "Yes, three points." Darren buried his face in his hands wondering what the fuck he was going to do without a driver’s license. How would he get to work? The store? The appointment he was late for??? "Pretty fucked, aren’t you?" the cop now seemed amused. "Uh, yeah, pretty fucked," Darren was in gags. "Not yet," the hulking cop answered with a very slight grin.

"Step around to the passenger side and get against the car."
Darren looked puzzled, but the man’s expression said "NOW!" so he did as he was ordered. Darren put his hands on the roof off the car and looked straight ahead as the muscular officer stood behind him. 

The cop began to frisk him, first his ankles, then his knees, then his package. The officer held Darren’s balls firmly in one hand, while the other slipped around Darren’s front and unbuttoned his slacks. Darren heard his zipper being released then the cool air hit his exposed ass. The cop pressed himself against Darren’s back, placed has baton under Darren’s throat and asked him if he was willing to do what it took to keep his driving privileges. Darren nodded.  

Darren's dick was now rock hard.
Behind him, he could feel the cop fumbling around behind his naked ass, he heard snaps behind released, zippers undone, then finally, he felt a huge, hard, thick dick pressing between his ass cheeks. "Open up," the cop ordered.
Darren reached for the stiff cocked stud in uniform immediately buried himself deep inside Darren’s mouth. The cops hand pushing Darren’s head back and up, he could hear the cop breathing in his ear. The cop was in complete control. He fucked Darren's mouth with short, hard ramming thrusts, throwing Darren into the car with each push. "Ever had a dick this big?" the cop’s deep voice echoed in Darren’s head. "No, sir, I haven’t."

The cop wasn’t kidding; Darren’s mouth was open wide. Darren remained still as the officer didn’t allow him to budge and with every short, deep, hard slam Darren grew more and more relaxed. As his throat took the thick dick more easily, the policeman began to fuck his mouth with longer, more rhythmic thrusts. He never gave up slamming Darren’s throat, however, as each slam seemed harder than the last. Darren’s dick throbbed, but he didn’t dare reach down for it. He took his punishment like a man, and truth be told, he was loving it.The officer continued to slam his dick deep inside Darren, making his tonsils part with every slap of the hips. After a while, the cop forced Darren down to his hands and knees, never missing one hard, deep, fucking ass invasion. His fingers dug into Darren’s head as he sucked him from inside his own car. His cock was relentless, furious, and seemingly infinite. Then Darren heard a groan, as he felt the skeets of the cops man-milk start to fill his mouth and throat. Skeet after skeet after skeet, the cop wouldn’t give up until the last load was left in Darren’s hungry wet mouth. Darren stayed where he was as the officer zipped up, waiting for his next command. But it never came. The cop got into his patrol car and sped off, leaving Darren with a mouth full of his load and an intact driver’s license. Darren rolled over, smiled, jerked himself off and forgot about his appointment and went back home.

By AnnoymousCopsckr

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