Wednesday, June 24, 2009


TO CUCKOLD OR NOT, IS THE QUESTION?, my wife wanted me to suck on her dildo. We'd gotten a large one, with a harness so that my wife could fuck me like I did her. I did as instructed and closed my eyes. Soon I felt something brush my lips. I opened my mouth and it entered. But I was surprised when my lips closed on what could only be a real cock!
, "Keep them closed." My wife whispered in my ear. "Otherwise the party's over." I kept my eyes closed as I started sucking on the huge cock in my mouth. I'd been able to deep throat since about my college days. This one was bigger than I'd gotten used to and I was eager to have this in my ass. I finally felt the cock in my mouth swell and shoot its creamy load down my throat, something I'd been missing since I'd gotten married...(READ MORE)

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