Friday, June 12, 2009

Viewer Stories : Swallowing Every Time have enjoyed the feel of having men in my mouth for many years now and the feel of them cumming in my throat so I can swallow them completely. Some years ago I went to adult bookstore that had booths with glory holes and also had large rooms with couches and TV's for viewing porn. One afternoon I was in one of the large rooms watching some really hot cock sucking gay porn. I had left the door unlocked and cracked open a couple inches. As I was sitting there with my pants off stroking my cock this man opened the door and looked in at me. 

I looked into his eyes and motioned for him to come in. As he came in I looked behind him and there were 4 other men standing just outside the rooms doorway. He walked in and started to undo his pants as I had gone to my knees for him. He had left the door open and as I took him in my mouth the other 4 men came into the room the last one closing the door behind him.

I had my arms around the first man with his hands on my head as he fucked my mouth. I was really getting into sucking his cock, the smell of his crotch, the warmth of his balls as my hands played on them. I could hear the the other men saying how fucking hot I looked sucking this guys cock, and he was really getting into it as he forced his cock harder and deeper in my throat. I gagged on him and had tears running down my face as he continued to fuck my throat. I opened my eyes as he was fucking my throat and could see the other men standing around him stroking their cocks. had had a few 3 some's before this time where I would suck on 2 men cocks, but now I was in a room with 5 guys and they all had one thing on their minds, fucking my mouth and making me swallow their loads. I was so turned on, sucking as hard as I could on the first guy gagging as he fucked my throat, feeling him harden in my mouth knowing he was going to cum any minute. Without warning he started to cum in my mouth, and held my head even tighter telling me to swallow all he had. The other men standing there were saying things but I don't remember what they said as I was to busy trying to swallow everything this man pumped in my mouth. As he finish making me swallow his cum he looked down at me and said thank you and that I was a really good cocksucker then he backed up and another man took his place in my mouth.

Each one took his turn in my mouth and each one made sure I swallowed every drop of their cum. They all stayed to watch as each one had me suck and swallow their loads, and they all took pleasure in telling me just how good a cock sucking cum drinking slut I was. When the last guy finished in my mouth and I swallowed they all left. I put my pants back on and wiped my mouth clean as it was covered in saliva and cum. I would go back there many times over the years and had many fun times on my knees serving men with my mouth letting them fill me with their loads and loving it each time.
Over the years I have had many fun times sucking cocks and swallowing in many different places, some private and some much more public, but those are other stories for another time.

-Clay, Upper Marlboro,MD

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