Monday, October 27, 2014



MY UNCLES FRIENDS                

The pain and the pleasure together felt extremely good. Rob stayed near my prostate with his big dick as I bust another nut in the shower. I watch as his eyes closed, heard him moan. Fucking me harder and faster... he moaned."Son, I'm gone nut." I began to grind my ass against him which drove him crazy and he let out one loud moan and i felt his cum explode. He collapsed on top of me with his dick buried inside of me. We stayed there for a while as the water fell down on us. I felt his dick fall out of my ass as it softened. We began to kiss passionately and then just stayed there in the shower. My Uncle came home and Rob left the bathroom. I stayed in and washed myself off. I left the bathroom and found my Uncle and Rob in living room eating and playing Play station. "what's good?" I asked. My Uncle replied. "hey nephew you better get some of this food before its gone." I fixed a plate. My Uncle then said... "Rob is going to stay over tonight, do you have to go home?" " I said no Uncle... "I can hang-out with you too big kids for a night longer.

now we know what they learn in the military… deep-throating lol. always loved this one ….black gay gifs

" I love my Uncle's friends."

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