Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Bill from Tennessee wrote;

Monday night was the night, Doug fucked me. He made me lay on my belly while he lubed up to climb inside me with that big fat dick... whispering in my ear with his thick West Afrikan accent... "Open that Booty, Yeaahhh! Doug fucked me deeper, then faster. I hollered out, Pa-pi please... Doug locked my legs in place while he dicked me down for over 30 mins. I felt a warm rush of cum spray my insides as Doug grunted and grown like a bear. I started cumming as I felt the last drops of his cum drop into my ass.

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  1. i was the mc at a daddy/boy contest so i got to meet and interview all the contestants on stage. One black man stood out (to me) as a clear winner and after the interview phase i went over to him and told him i thought he should win. I wasnt one of the judges and some local guy wind up winning, but afterward the announcements I went over to Jay and told him he was absolutely gorgeous and should of won. we embraced in some passionate kissing in the darkened leather bar and after a while we agreed to go to my place. his skin was dark black and smooth. His muscles were cool and hard to the touch and in no time he had me on my back, him still in chaps, boots and harness and me just in my boots. His fingers found my hole and worked it loose and soon he was sliding his sweet thick cock deep in my manpussy. He fucked me long and hard while I played with his nipples and wrapped my legs around his powerful torso. The friction of our bodies against my exposed cock and the pounding my prostate was taking soon had me shooting all over both of us and that sent him over the edge, filling me with his seed. damn he was hot. he spent the night and we repeated our love making three times before he left that next morning. I never saw him again but I think of him often.