Tuesday, September 7, 2010


It was 11:45pm and I was about to clock out to end my shift. The locker room was empty so I thought and then I saw him. He didn't see me or hear me and seemed to be very comfortable as if he were home.

He was still wet from the shower and hard as a rock. I enjoyed watching this big thick brother naked. When he noticed me, we began to chat... All of the obvious was skipped over and we took the man to man approach.

He was new with the company and new into town. Finally he was dressed and we were leaving together... I didn't know what to expect, But had expected that a good time was coming for both of us. We headed to a sports bar had a few cocktails(Grey Goose & Ginger-ale), a few brandy shots and we shared and order of lobster/shrimp. A mutual feeling of enjoyment from our company could be seen from across the room.

The time is about 3am and its up in the air... Where do we go from here. He's married and so am I. Physically we are attracted but decided we enjoyed the new bond that formed naturally. We shake hands and give each other a tight embrace. Walking in opposite directions and looking back until we turn corners.

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