Monday, January 24, 2011

VIEWER STORIES : THE WEEKEND was looking to fuck and get fucked by these 2 guys I met online. Seconds after they walked through the door... One guy spread my ass open, the other one slipped around the other side of the bed and stuffed his dick down my throat. I took his dick in my mouth, sucking the chocolate skin off him. I could hear him moan with pleasure while he tried to make me lay that dick deep in my throat.

I told guy#2 to fuck me already. His pants were off and he spit on that big uncut dick and shoved it in my hole. Fast and hard, he fucked me nearly an hour before turning my asshole loose, while I continued draining guy#1's nuts! My eyes rolled back as I could feel him release his man juices in me. Mmmm...My turn to fuck guy#2. Eagerly he gets down on all fours, and I lube that pink hole. Guy#1 gets under guy#2 and suck his dick, as I push my pre-cumming dick in his rip asshole.

This kid was dick hungry. I placed the palm of my hand in the middle of his back and pushed him down to the floor. I fucked him down. He moaned and that excited me greatly. I felt the urge to cum and pulled out at the last minute... Loads of my cum shot up on his back. When I was done I laid next to him and said... That’s how you fuck a man proper! While I laid there next to guy#2 the scent of freshly fucked cum in my bedroom. I felt my ass part open, and my hole being lubed for a new second load, from guy#1, I realized we weren’t done yet, and that I was about to get fucked proper... 

Even at 55, It's still possible to get your life on the weekend!

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