Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We chatted online for a minute or two before I gave him directions to snatch this 5day load of cum from my balls. He was the usual big thick guy and eager to relieve me of my excess sperm. I blazed some before he arrived, putting me in a tranquil but ready state of arousal. 2o minutes later he's at my spot taking off his clothes with my balls in his face sniffing me out.

He starts sucking my dick... Dam baby, that's good mmm! We spark up a splif and he sucks me as I inhale the purple haze, while watching some porn. Enjoying myself and getting a good hour an a half milking I flood his throat with 5 days worth of seed. He swallows, bust his nut and is on his way. That was hot!

2weeks pass and I get a text from the same guy saying he wants to hook up again but, I have out of town guest this time and he invites me to his house instead. now this is where the shit gets interesting... He picks me up since my guest had my car and we drive to his house... Did I mention he's been married 18yrs. We go into the bedroom and I only take off my pants and boxers, just because. Remembering how amazing this bro sucked me before I just went into the flow... after about 45minutes I was cumming down his hungry throat as he wanted me to and he came shortly afterwords. While cleaning off in one of the rest rooms, he comes to tell me his partner is out front and I need to get dressed and takes me into the an office room where he tells me to get in the closet and he'll get me out... I don't ask questions, i just get my pants and belt back on quietly, then about 2minutes later he comes back to tell me to follow him he has my shoes & bag in his hands and lets me out through the patio door directing me to an intersection where he would pick me up once he checkout things with his partner... Wtf?

This is so fucked up & funny at the same time... 7 minutes later he drives around and we drive off. He lets me know all is good at home and how he's so surprised that his partner came home like that when that never happens.

I have been distant with this guy since that situation happened, but he still keeps texting me for the milk. Apart of me doesn't want the drama, but then the other part of me is turned on by the freak nature of this bro in heat for my meat...


Would you continue to...
Entertain him for sexual fun at his home
Not have anything else to do with him
Feed his hunger from your place

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  1. If he's that good of a cocksucker keep him around. Cum in his mouth where you know it's safe at your own place!