Monday, May 2, 2011

VIEWER STORIES: I WANT IT ALL pushed me onto the bed, positioned a pillow under my but, pushed my legs outward and bent them over his shoulders. He positioned his dick and started to thrust it in. I couldn’t think about anything else but that this was the ultimate sex I could ever imagine. He bent over me and started to kiss me with an ardor I never experienced. He placed his arms besides my chest and pushed them inward. I could hardly move and felt like being under his total control. He started to heave and indicated that he was about to come.

He created movement, worked parts of my insides, I'd never experienced... Biting my nipples, I cried out... Fuck me, Big Daddy... I want your nut in me! He started to grunt, in that deep sexy low based dominate tone.. Open that ass, give me what you've always wanted too! Thrusting that bbc deeper and deeper inside me... He released streams of cum in my hungry hole! I cum without touching myself gasping for air underneath him. Smearing my cum over his belly and pecs, he instructed me to lick it away. The taste of my cum, mixed with the salty sweat meat. My most intimate desires was to be laid by a black men... The musk from between his legs, the salty sweet milk that flows from his balls, I want it all!

Bethesda, MD

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