Saturday, May 31, 2014


I was hauling brick and block in a wheelbarrow across the big lot of a construction site when I realized that the big boss was standing in the window of his office watching every move I made. I was really the only one in site because the other guys were laying block for an addition the boss wanted to the existing building.

I had seen the guy only one other time but I almost melted when he came close to me. His brother had hired me and the boss was even hotter than his brother.

Jared, the younger brother was a strange guy. He loved having his cock sucked. One of my friends had been sucking him for a few months but when Jared saw the two of us in the same restaurant where he was eating with his wife and kid, he stopped by our table before he checked out. I knew he was looking me over closely so I wasn't surprised when a few days later my friend, Tony, told me that Jared would like to have me stop by his office after 5:00pm.

Tony and I both have always shared our tricks but I knew this guy was kind of special to Tony. We both love to suck off black men and Jared was as black as they come. Tony had been bragging about the guy for a while and told me that he wished that Jared would let him service him more often. So, he wasn't exactly thrilled when Jared specifically asked for me, but at least he gave me the message and I was at Jared's office promptly at five o'clock.

When I arrived, there were a bunch of employees all leaving the building so I waited in my car until most of them were gone. All but a couple of them were black and I began fantasizing about servicing all of them.

When I got inside, a black woman told me that Jared was expecting me. "He's probaly not going to hire you. You look like a lightweight and he's looking for muscle."

I guessed that she thought I was looking for work. I suspected that Jared had probably told her he was going to interview someone. She didn't bother to show me in as she was putting a coat on and heading for the door, so she pointed and told me to go down the hall. "Jared's the only one left in the building so when you get to his office, you'll know its him," she said as she was leaving.
I walked nervously down the hall and found Jared in the first office that I came to. The door was open and he sat behind his desk smiling at me. "C'mon in Keith. I've been thinking about this all day," he said with a loud booming voice and a smile.

He could see that I was nervous. He stood up and suddenly he seemed so tall to me. That made me even more nervous. He hadn't seemed so big when I saw him at the restaurant. I was glad that he got right down to business instead of making small talk. He unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor and almost as soon as the pants dropped, he pulled down the white boxer briefs and sat back down in his chair.

His cock was flaccid, big and circumcised. I wondered about someone walking in and he said, "Ellie locked the front door. She and my brother and I are the only one's with keys."
I moved toward him and dropped to my knees as he kicked of his shoes and took his pants and underwear all the way off and tossed them carelessly aside. Once I moved between his legs and leaned forward to take his cock in my mouth, I was no longer nervous. It's what I'd done about a hundred times since I'd started sucking cock a year ealier.

Jared had a light scent of sweat that seemed to be confined in the creases of his groin but his cock tasted clean and fresh. I grabbed the base of it with my right hand and kissed it, licked it and finally took it in my mouth. It was as good as cocksucking gets. The cock went from flaccid to erect in just seconds. For me, one of the best feelings in the world is feeling a cock get hard inside my mouth.
Jared leaned back and put his hands behind his head as he looked down at me. He muttered something that sounded like "You know what you're doing," but I still don't know what he said.

He didn't speak again until he told me to lick his balls after about five or six minutes. I appreciated the direction and licked his hairy scrotum until he told me to take his cock in my mouth again. It was really juicy and wet and the taste of his precum was strong. He didn't warn me when he was ready to cum, but I pretty much knew it was about to happen. I'd sucked enough cock to know those things, so I was ready for it.

Having warm cum splash on my tongue or against the roof of my mouth is almost enough to make me cum. I loved Jared's load because it spewed out so forcefully and nearly filled my mouth. I swallowed some of it, but I kept some under my tongue as I continued to suck. It wasn't until he told me to lick it nice and clean that I swallowed the rest of his load and licked him until he was satisfied.
Jared stood up and began putting his clothes back on as I stood back, watching and trying to adjust my underwear to accommodate my own hard piece.

He talked again. He asked me what I did besides suck cock. I told him I was out of work because I had quit a dish washing job in Chicago and had just moved to Detroit to live with my dad.
He said, "You don't look like a sissy boy. You look and act like a man. Have you thought about working in construction?" he asked.

"No sir, I haven't thought about it but I'm a good worker, I learn fast.

That is how I got hired. I gave him one more blowjob after my first day of work and then he told me to report to his brother, the owner of the company the next day. I hadn't had any conversation with the owner and I knew very little about him except that his mane was Felix Nyrong, born in Mexico and raised in Nigeria and moved to the United States ten years ago,
When Felix watched me hauling those blocks, he must have liked what he saw because a short time later, a male office worker came out, told me that Felix wanted to see me and it was only a few minutes later that I was on my knees sucking his cock. It was magnificent. About the same size as his brother's but a little thicker. It took me a little while to get comfortable with it, even though it wasn't the biggest cock I had sucked.

After he cum and I swallowed his load, he told me to get him a warm washcloth. Unlike Jared, he wanted warm water instead of my mouth to clean his cock.

After he dressed again, he asked me how I liked sucking his cock. I thought it was an odd question because I thought he would know how much I loved it. "It was hot, Sir. It's nice and big and you had a nice big load. It was really good," I answered honestly.

"That's good to hear Keith. Maybe I'll need some more of that tomorrow," he said.
"Yes sir. Just let me know," I responded.

"My brother Jared wants you to stop by his place after work. He's gonna give you a little extra money because of all you have done. You're a hard worker, Keith. You can leave a half hour early so you get to Jared's on time," Felix said. always gives me an envelope with $100 in it after I empty his balls. Felix never gives me any extra money, even though I suck his cock much more than I do Jared's. I'm not complaining. The job is great and benefits are even greater. I'd happily suck them off if the never gave me anything extra.

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