Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I met a hot black stud on a dating app on called growlr. Hone alone, horny I decided to try this app to find some stiff cock and full balls. I chatted with a few guys but they weren't what I wanted. I prefer mid 30's & up, ethnic, darker features a plus. Being an older guy, I kept looking. After sometime I found some one he was 35 and was visiting for memorial weekend. We talked nasty, I told him... I want a good rough handling! He said... don't write a check your ass can't cash, lol!

I replied.. yeah ok and set up where to meet me. I went to Central park. It was nearly pitch blackout. After adjusting my eyes to see in the dark, I noticed a man walking toward me in the park. My heart was pounding and I was just about to walk away. I thought since I'm here, I might as well. Hello he smiled, then asked were we could go for some privacy? I said follow me and we walked into a tunnel. It was quiet, dim lit, he kissed me then I touched the bulge in his pants. It felt really big! He unzipped his pants, I got down on my knees like a good boy. He got his cock out, Mmmmm! It was really big thick and it flopped to one side.
I started sucking but hadn't sucked a cock like his, it chocked me abit. He laughed and said suck it bitch! I kept going and after 30 mins, he was cuming. I open my mouth wider as I could feel hid cock expanding, tasting my mouth full of precum. Seven creamy shots of cum squirted into my swallowing throat! I didn't stop till he stopped! My heat had been tuned up. His load was so sweet tasting! I begged him to fuck me with that big cock... Please? He said he would fuck me. I just need to lick his pecs and squeeze his cock in my hands until it start to get hard. This night with him is so amazing. he pulls his tee shirt over his head & I begin licking and sucking on his sexy chest, nipples while squeezing on his fat cock! After 10mins or so, he told me to bend over quick so I did. I put my hand in my pocket to get him a condom but as I was doing this he started pushing his cock up my ass! I said do you want to use this condom? He told me to take it raw like a good slut! I was too turned on to say no, so I let him! His cock felt so filling and it went really deep. He fucked me for 15 mins then asked if we could go to his car to finish? I said sure, we stared walking to his car and I could feel my ass cheeks rubbing together and my ass sore from being drilled by his big cock.

I felt like a naughty man, we got to his SUV, I went on the back seat. I laid on my back with my legs up touching the roof almost. He shoved his fat cock back in my ass I was jerking while he fucked me. I was close to cuming, he kept fucking me harder and harder then I couldn't hold it... I came all over my chest and my neck! He started to cum but I didn't want it in my ass. I said stop daddy, stop... he kept going and said you will take my cum up your ass bitch! I couldn't move, and didn't want to move... he fucked me harder and deeper! I felt his cock getting bigger and then squirting deep inside the guts of my ass! He rubbed my cum on my chest with his hand and rubbed it on my face. I just laid there till he got off me, then I got my clothes on. As I was about to walk away he said, talk on growlr tomorrow night? I said ok... I walked home, I could feel my cheeks rubbing all wet and his cum dripping down the back of my legs.

Harlem, NY

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